(Tyler, Iron Gods 1)

Neutral suli fighter (cyber-soldier) 4
Strength 16, Dexterity 13, Constitution 16
Intelligence 10, Wisdom 10, Charisma 10

Look like: Cyborg from DC Universe. 250lbs. of pure muscle plus 50 lbs. of robot arm. i am 6 foot 4 inches tall.

I chose my class because I can have boss robot parts and meat shield

I am an adventurer because I like killing things and I like money.

The origin story: When Tom was 12 years old, his mother gave him 50 gold pieces to buy hamburgers for the family. But instead of hamburgers, he went to the blacksmith and bought a great sword and stole a chain shirt. So he ran to return home and saw that his family was being attacked by Orcs. Tom entered his house wielding his new sword and attacked the Orcs. Surprised at the power of his great sword, he chopped off the Orcs head. Then the Orcs burned Tom’s family home and village to the ground.

Tom was the only remaining one. He gathered all his anger and attacked all the Orcs. When there was only one Orc left, the Boss Orc, Tom was filled with fear as the orc swung on him.

He woke up in the Orc prison. He lost his weapons and armor. In the floor he found a small sharp piece of metal to unlock the prison. He then used the sharp piece of metal to stab the Orc guards in the neck. He took the chain shirt and his great sword. He was finding his way through the castle and found a chest. Inside the chest was a master pistol and 69 firearm bullets. He slid the great sword into the sheath, loaded the pistol and blasted the Orc guards with fire. Eventually he found the kind Orc, using his stealthy maneuvers, he blasts the Orc in the forehead, and rapid fired him until he died. He took keys, blasted everything that moved until he got to the gate. He unlocked it and ran out.

Tom scavenged to go find the Suil kingdom where he rested until he could find a permanent home. He found a merchant that was selling T-shirts. He bought it and found out that it was not an ordinary shirt, it was a quick runner shirt. He ran to find the Suil kingdom. When he found the kingdom, he realized that the all of the subjects in there where chaotically evil. He got into a fight with a robot guard. He killed the guard with his great sword. The impact of the sword cutting through the robot, broke Tom’s arm. So Tom cut off the robot’s arm and attached it to his own body.

Tom fled the kingdom, again, in search of a new home. He found a place called Gildhaven, where the land is fair. There he joined the guild and met his allies.

Level 4



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