(Hunter, Iron Gods 1)

Human soulknife 4
Strength: 20   Dexterity: 15   Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 8   Wisdom: 11   Charisma 10

My name is Striker. I look extremely average except for a giant tattoo on my left arm. I often get lost by people I am traveling with because I blend in very well. The tattoo on my arm glows whenever I am using my power.

I became an adventurer because my parents told me to do something good for the world with my special abilities. I chose to go out and kill some freaking monsters, androids, and Technic league commanders. I will also give 20% of my riches to them after I finish my adventuring, because they are so greedy. And if I don’t then they won’t be happy and they will come for me. Once they almost traded me for 1000 gp, until they realized that I was trading the gp to them.

I got my psionic abilities when I ran into a rock around age 6, and I started cutting things with my knife by accident. I also burned down a shack one time =D. But it was my home until I had built my tree house which has a miniature forge and a magic punching bag. I bullied some little kid to give to me for 10 sp. I have been working out ever since I was 8. I love seeing the monsters faces when I cut them up.

I know the twins Poptart and Xanthra the Black because I occasionally go up to the town of torch to forge things. I am a wandering blacksmith and my town was burned down. So I fled to the only safe place I knew, Torch.

Striker Level 4


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