(Moises, Guild)

Sylph wizard 13

As the powerful elemental pulled Sophia’s sister, Stephanie, into the new dimension with him, one thing was obvious — this wasn’t going to be an easy fight. The elemental was a time elemental, a big one as well. It was all over within a few seconds. The elemental struck the wizard sylph down with ease and threw his opponent off a nearby hill not checking her conditions. As she fell, a nearby village of leshies saw a dropping still figure and came to its aid. The wounds were fatal and the village shaman could do very little to improve her condition.

Weeks passed before she awoke again, and she was not even at full strength. She couldn’t cast any spells and had trouble walking. The leshy people tried helping as much as they could, but the elemental had not only greatly weakened her but it had also had taken an item of great importance to her which troubled her deeply. More time passed in this strange dimension full of leshies, and word spread of a strange creature terrorizing other villages. The time had come and she had decided that she would face this creature to protect her newfound friends.

The chosen battleground was a destroyed village with flaming houses and the elemental in the middle laughing. All the destruction was for mere amusement — it had to stop. She didn’t think about what happened next but she sent a fireball in his direction making it scream. The first spell in months and she did it again and again trying to weaken it as it approached. When it finally arrived, she slammed her staff against the ground causing a thunderstorm. Her inner power finally released, striking the elemental each time, finally destroying it with a flash of light. On the ground was a necklace with a gem called aquamarine. Both she and her sister had one both belonging to her mother — both with equal power stored inside of them waiting to be uncovered. It was time to come home.

After saying her goodbyes, she went to the cliff where she had been defeated the first time and jumped. It was time to finally go to where her father had wanted her to go: to help those who needed it. A split second before she hit the ground, she cast plane shift and came back to her father’s castle which was no longer there. It appeared to have moved all by itself and flown off.

More time passed, and one full moon as she passed her hand began to glow and she knew that her sister was here. They were reunited and she saw that Sophia was going to start her own country to help those who needed help. She agreed to go and with her sister she flew into the night with a new apprentice blade on her father’s flying castle.



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