(Salvatore, Wrath of the Righteous campaign)

Chaotic good elven wizard 1

Strength: 12 Dexterity: 16 Constitution: 11/12
Intelligence: 17 Wisdom: 10 Charisma: 8

Sophia mumbled to herself: demons, centipedes and giant cockroaches. This was supposed to be the best day of her life, but it turned into the worst day of her life.

She looked at her brother Hayaku. He did not seem like he was having a good day, either. Sophia tried to think what her older brother Thennaeus would do. He passed away shen she was young, but she still knew him. He probably would have just killed all of the demons, she thought. She thought he was a lot more powerful than she was.

She looked over at the tiefling. She hated her as soon as she looked at her. She looked like a succubus and used magic. She was a magic user, not her. She was always smart and always the best magic user — this thing was not even the tiny bit intelligent. She recalled that earlier on the tiefling had said “Derpfish” which was one of the stupidest things she ever heard, even stupider than her dad. She does not like her dad, too sexist for her. On ther ohter hand, her mother is super nice. She already knew that this group would be a powerful team. Except for Derpfish girl.

 – Salvatore


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