(Moises, Guild)

Wizard 14

The night the great wizard of Gildhaven was born was a terrible one. The village that her mother lived in was attacked by a whole tribe of orcs. The grandfather was an air elemental and tried to hold them off for as long as he could but was only capable of taking of holding them off for five minutes. The mother died protecting the newborn girl and her twin sister naming them Sophia and Stephanie but a traveling wizard arrived to take down the rest of the orcs but was too late to save the rest of the village. The baby sylphs cried all through `the night for great tragedy had occurred.

The next morning the wizard took the two babies to his home in a castle in the countryside and began to train them from age 10. The girls grew together and spend their time flying around the castle stunning each other and enjoying their life. The girls went to a forming country up north around the age of 36(like 12 for a human) the and saw a baby ruler struggling to keep his kingdom in check since he couldn’t talk. They wanted to help him so they began to train more seriously for the next 30 years but they were attacked on the 25th year. It all started like a regular day with levitating cows and soaking the other person. Suddenly there was a large explosion and they saw 5 dragons attacking their supposed father. They took one dragon down together while their father down 2 more. The last two were able to attack their father and took him down. When the battle was over they rushed down but he only lived to give them a letter.

Forgive me for not telling you the truth but I found you both in a village that had been overrun by orcs and couldn’t save your mother or your grandfather but I saved you both. Please bury me in the Gardens and help the ruler Ronulus, he needs magical help and you two have amazing magical abilities.Help people with your lives and whatever you choose I will always be proud of you

– Maleficus

The girls now about 63 both had gold blonde hair. They eyes that were sky blue and were peach colored skin. For both of their right palms they had the arcane symbol for wind but it never came of and glowed when the girls were near each other. They also both had blue imps that were very positive. They were very diplomatic and Sophia had learned another spell level above Stephanie. On their way to the new kingdom they encountered a powerful elemental they had never encountered. They fought bravely but at the end they had to force him into another dimension but the elemental didn’t go alone. He brought Stephanie down with him to who knows where.

Than montage journey and then we end up in the capital of Gildhaven where the high council is and that is the story of the epic and rich Magister/ wizard Sophia.


3 responses to “Sophia

  1. happy251

    September 24, 2014 at 2:12 pm

    Wait why the link to the razor coast stephanie this one is from guild haven not razir coast

    • ronaldsf

      September 24, 2014 at 6:36 pm



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