Sissario Chhiat

no picture, no photo, no imageSissario Chhiat
(Grace, Kingmaker campaign)

Chaotic good halfling bard 3

Strength: 12 Dexterity: 17 Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 15 Wisdom: 12 Charisma: 19

my birth was unconventional at best
at worst it was catastrophic
all that time of careful planning
blown out the front door by a group of annoying bandits
all i wanted was a nice place to rest my legs and eat some food. i met an old man who owned a bridge toll service. we got along pleasantly. by the time the bandits arrived i was well fed and asleep. the bridge toll manager woke me in a great fright and a flurry of words.
“don’t fret young halfling, follow the river south and you will find refuge, i am a guardian of the Greenbelt, my blessing is with you.”
he grabbed a pre-packed bag as if he knew this was going to happen and shoved it on my back. as i ran into the night i heard him calling
“pellius wintrish is…ghack” a spear had pierced his middle and he kneeled over in pain.
i ran faster and the wind whistled in my ears, i looked to the moon for help and saw it
was a waxing blood. there i was alone again. driven out. every one who ever acted a shred of kindness to me was doomed. so i lived as a hermit. i did not heed my guardian’s words and ended up walking northwest. there i found a strange young Druid who had a wild dog for a familiar.
“you look sad, bard. what must i do to make you happy?” and so she left with me to find my own way. i fell asleep…”

-Sissario Chhiat’s first and only journal entry!

Sissario was born a full-grown halfling. He was driven from his home by his father because he had killed his mother while she was in labor. He traveled the countryside and went exploring in the Greenbelt for a while before trying to return home, only to be driven away by a horde of orcs. He eventually found a cave stocked with food and items of value. He lived there for a week, mastering abilities he had no idea he could do. Then he found out who the owner of the cave was: a very drunk fairy dragon who drove him out and left him in the cold winter environment.

He then met the bridge toll man and i believe the story is clear from here on out. When he fell asleep he awoke with no memory and was in a bag. When he was rescued by the Founders of the Greenbelt, a strange strix uttered the sounds that have since become his name.



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