(Grace, Razor Coast 3)

Lawful good grippli monk 11
Strength 10, Dexterity 19, Constitution 13,
Intelligence 11, Wisdom 16, Charisma 12

My name is rukus. I am a monk of the Kun-Lun, and i was orphaned by my parents when they were eaten by crocodiles.  I grew up normal until one day I found a shattered temple in the swamp near my village. An old ex-monk lived there. He taught me some things, like how to gamble, meditate, and control your ability to not get drunk, in other words he was a bum living in swamp. He told me to look for a monk by the name of Ur. Ur became my master after I climbed the mountain to get to his monastery, then one day, he found someone else, a half elf she didn’t even have to try for his attention. I was kicked aside and forgotten. I ran away 6 months after desperately trying to gain Ur’s attention.

And so i find myself drowning my sorrows in a tankard of whiskey, yet I can’t seem to get drunk. Oh well, Razor Coast seems like a good place to settle down.  Wait is that a kraken up there in the sky… oh well… so much for peace and quiet.

Rukus Level 11


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