Rick Steel

order-scourgeRick Steel
(Zack B., Iron Gods 2: The Divinity Drive)

Chaotic neutral aasimar cleric (iron priest) 15
Strength 10, Dexterity 12, Constitution 15,
Intelligence 10, Wisdom 24, Charisma 20

Many things made me into what I am today.

As a child, I was thought to grow up into little more than the village healer, a simple job of one who helps others. However, soon after my first years as an apprentice, the Technic League journeyed through our small town. I was astounded by the wonders that they kept a close guard over, and I sought to learn more about them.

I soon became an Iron priest, so that I might help human and robot alike. I decided to leave my small town, which was no longer big enough to hold someone with power like mine, and looked in search of more, more machines, more gadgets, more tech.

Not long into my journey, I met Roger Maxson, and we ventured out together in the glorious mission of spreading these wonderful things. It was then that my powers bloomed, greying my hair and draining the color from my eyes in exchange for wonderful abilities of fire and might. I knew then that Brigh smiled upon my mission, and all would go according to his plan.

However, I was not fully cleansed of all doubt, and I still hold one, small, tiny grain of corruption within me. Until I exorcise that from myself, I will not be whole, I will not be…. Complete.

Rick Steel Level 14

Rick Steel Level 15


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