Reyda Vance of the Ash Veil

no picture, no photo, no imageReyda Vance of the Ash Veil
(Enzo, Razor Coast 3)

Tiefling witch 13
Strength 10, Dexterity 18, Constitution 14,
Intelligence 24, Wisdom 14, Charisma 10

I grew up in a city that has now turned to legend, a floating island filled with cured devils and runaway slaves. I was the child of two Tulita runaways, blessed by the ruler of the island, a purified pit fiend, now called Fallos. I was trained in the mystic arts, and taught by the elder agathion in witchcraft.

Upon reaching adolescence, I took part in a ritual led by Fallos to claim my blessing and my familiar, an agathion silvanshee named Tyko. My blessing felt like a curse. I was changed into a tiefling. They have me wear a cloak that makes me look Tulita, so that when I was strong enough to go to Port Shaw, I wouldn’t stand out.

3 years later? Our city was attacked. Fallos surrounded everyone he could with the ash veil, an artifact of concealment. We watched our city burn. Then Fallos made the order of deep sleep. We went to the underground temple and went under a hibernation spell, which lasted 317 or so years.

When I  awoke, I found that I hadn’t aged. And everyone besides Tyko was dead. I had drained their life force. No — they had given it to me so I could do what I was supposed to do. I immediately left for Port Shaw on one of the Pegasi that roamed the island.

When I arrived at Port Shaw, there was a huge celebration. I flew down to the edge of town, and, immediately after I dismounted, my Pegasus flew away. I asked a Tulita what was going on. He said that the Krakenfiend had been killed. Huh, whatever that means. He introduced himself as Munahele, a Tulita yohunga. He wondered why I looked tulita but he’d never seen me before. We became friends, and I even showed him my true form, and told him why I look Tulita and what happened. He didn’t mind and said some mystical thing I didn’t understand.

We hung out for a few months, always interested in the leaders of Port Shaw and their accomplishments. Me and Munahele made a shack In the woods, like our own weird mystic hut. Then the volcano erupted, but the adventurers saved us. They went on a quest where 2 died and one retired. They were looking for new people to join, so me and Munahele joined. Can’t wait to see what happens next.




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