Pellius Wintrish

no imagePellius Wintrish
(Simon, Kingmaker campaign)

Strix alchemist 2

Strength: 10 Dexterity: 17 Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 16 Wisdom: 15 Charisma: 9

Pellius Wintrish was born of Arodras Wintish and Vesoriana Wintrish, in the nation of Cheliax.  He was raised in a wealthy family and lived an average life.  However, he was always an eccentric, but nothing out of the ordinary.

His best friend was a boy named Kargash.  He was from Devil’s Perch and told tales of the strix.  When the strix attacked his hometown of Pezzack, a strix almost got him, but a tall pale man in black saved him by stabbing a strix in the wing.

When Pellius grew up, he never forgot the tales of Kargash about the vicious strix.  So, he went to Devil’s Perch to hunt strix.  He saw one above him and tried to shoot it with an arrow.  He missed.  However, one day he ran across a small strix scouting party and felled all of them.  He kept walking almost envying the ability to fly that the strix had.  And then one day, he found a strix village.  He charged in and tried to kill an old strix woman.  It turned out she was a powerful wizard, and the matriarch of the tribe.  After being grievously injured he escaped to Pezzack.

He got passage back to Cheliax.  He was knighted by the house Thrune for his valiant efforts in Devil’s Perch.  However, one night, a strix assassin snuck into his small house on the edge of the city he lived in.  His family came to visit him and found him dead.  They got a powerful mage to reincarnate him.  As he was becoming something else, his skin began to gray and he started to sprout black-feathered wings.  He had become a strix.  His family drove him out and he fled.  He fled far far away, living off of birds he had snatched and eaten and the occasional fruit or vegetable he had plucked from a tree or field.

He eventually wound up near the Stolen Lands.  He then created a little nest in a large tree on top of a large mountain with a strange-looking monastery on the center of it.  He saw a large stone-like creature come out of the monastery and followed him.  He went to a trading post a ways away and he decided to follow him.  About a month later he decided to talk to him and the other people with him.


2 responses to “Pellius Wintrish

  1. ronaldsf

    October 14, 2013 at 7:09 pm

    That stone man was, of course, Ur, and the trading post was Oleg’s. And so that is how Pellius joined up with the Founders of the future Great Courtdom!


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