(Athos, Kingmaker campaign)

Dhampir child, oracle of bones 1

Strength: 13 Dexterity: 13 Constitution: 10
Intelligence: 13 Wisdom: 14 Charisma: 18

You know how every child has their first something; their first tooth, their first fall, their first word? Well, Oculus had his first murder. You may think of Oculus as a horrifying insane child, but really, he is to be pitied. His life consists of a tragic back story.

Oculus and his sister never knew their parents. Their father had left before he was even born. But it became apparent as Oculus was growing up that his father was an undead. Their mother had died when he was only three months old. They had no known relatives and no one wanted to keep that strange pale boy and girl who had fits and strokes every few weeks. Those kids who you can hear whispers around every time you’re near them, who appeared mysteriously in one of the gardens of the townsfolk. No one would ever feed him dinner because the plates and dishes would always move around on the table, even though no one was touching them. None of the kids would play catch with him because the ball would always land ten feet away from where he meant to throw it even though there had been nothing there to bounce it away. He was the boy that the parents of the village always told their kids to stay away from. It didn’t help his case either that he had now aged about 27 years and looked as though he hadn’t aged a single month… as if he were still a five-year-old boy.

When he was young he had always liked strange things that none of the other boys liked. Of course they liked the idea of it: a skull, a foggy graveyard, the undead rising…but Oculus was the one who really enjoyed it. He would sit for hours in the old abandoned graveyard, lay down, even sleep there. One day while he was sleeping, a grave digger had seen him napping. Mistaking him for a dead body, due to his pale undead features, he buried him an old coffin. The coffin had already been used and smelled of rotting corpses. When he woke up it was to find himself lying on a skeleton half buried in dust that the grave digger must have overlooked. He sat there for ages wondering what he should do. But after a while his panic strangely changed to comfort. He liked it here. Isn’t this what he had always wanted to do? He sat there for another few hours, but now he was sitting there quietly, enjoying the soft coolness of the underground, the darkness of the coffin. After a while he thought he should be going out, he had things to do, but made a note to be sure to come back again. He knew that he had found his home; his real home. And knew that he would never fear being in the dark again for it would remind him of here; the dank, dark, pitch black coffin. On his way out, as he dug through the dirt, something sharp cut his arm. He took it, and once he had gotten to the surface, looked at it. It was a sharp rusty piece of metal. He thought he would keep it, to remind him of the first time he found this place. It was a special item to him…and him alone.

One day Oculus was selling fruits in an alley way…but he wasn’t really selling them, he was trying to create a distraction for the large bit of law breaking he was about to do. Once he had gathered enough on lookers he told his sister to take over the stand and shifted in between the people taking gold and what ever he could as he passed through the crowd. But he wasn’t really looking for money. He was looking for something that had a particular value to someone….some one he was heading toward right now. He reached into the man’s pocket and took out a purple and gold amulet. He looked at it for a while. The craftsmanship was wonderful, but that’s not why he wanted it. Unfortunately he had stood admiring it a moment too long. The man tried to snatch the amulet back, but oculus had already started running. The man ran after him and soon it was a full on chase. In an alley way a few blocks away the man caught up with him. Before Oculus knew what he was doing, he had the sharp rusty bit of metal in his hand. It had plunged straight into the man’s chest. He stumbled and slumped against a wall. Oculus ripped his knife from the man’s chest. Soon the dragoons had arrived, but not before Oculus had vanished.

However, the amulet was nowhere to be found… even Oculus does not know where it is to this day.



2 responses to “Oculus

  1. wertiop

    June 16, 2013 at 8:41 pm

    … I feel like crawling into a corner and hiding there for at least a couple of days. Athos, whoever you are, you probably need to meet a nice man called Stephen King.

  2. Latisha

    May 22, 2017 at 1:07 am

    den engelen var kul.. og ja, det er så mye som blir jul i det rette seto!ngeniGtd bedring til dine små og kos dere masse det dere kan!juleklem


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