no imageOblivia
(Devon, Wrath of the Righteous campaign)

Chaotic neutral tiefling sorcerer 1

Strength: 12 Dexterity: 14 Constitution: 13
Intelligence: 6 Wisdom: 12 Charisma: 17

Her father was a normal human called Ricos, and he was a crusader. One time, he traveled to the Abyss, met a strange woman that he married, and soon after had a child called Olivia. She looked almost exactly like her mother (who was a succubus) without the wings. One day, when her mother, Wratia, and father went back to Wratia’s master to tell the good news, Wratia’s master went into an endless rage and didn’t approve. He slew both of them. Olivia never got to see who killed them. Dazed with grief, she barely made it out with her life.

When she returned to the surface, she flew into a frenzy of madness killing anything that would cross her home. Infused with abyssal powers from her succubus ancestry, she was able to manipulate reality to her whims. After a few years, she managed to cool her temper but never managed to rid herself of the name “Oblivia” that she earned by the chaos that she created.

She swore revenge against demonkind and said that she would do anything to bring them down. To maintain her father’s courage and old duty, she became a crusader, destroying demons and their followers. Her actions before proved her to be very evil, and she doesn’t discriminate when it comes to how she gets vengeance, even if it means summoning horrible monsters and demons. But with the help of some needed friends she could become a very trustworthy and reliable ally or friend. Oblivia enjoys hanging around crusaders that are nice to her and is very protective of any friend she has for they are almost like family.

– Devon


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