no picture, no photo, no imageNlishgar
(Nate, Razor Coast 2 campaign)

Chaotic good dwarven fighter 7

Strength: 16 Dexterity: 14 Constitution: 20
Intelligence: 10 Wisdom: 10 Charisma: 7

I lived a life of ultimate luxury. Being the High King of the dwarf mountain nation Mlankar, I had it all.  A thriving, prosperous kingdom that I controlled, citizens that all thought good of me, a magnificent castle, a loving family, an impregnable wall that surrounded the nation, a mithral hat… I could go on, but I am already wallowing in sorrow. A ruthless band of ogres attacked our kingdom. They climbed over the wall and burned every citizen to death. I survived because the ogre that attacked me was standing on an extinct geyser, and his large foot reactivated it. Both the ogre and me were blasted off the mountain.

My nation was in ruins. Everyone I knew was dead. It was just my beloved waraxe and I, plodding along the endless jungle with no food or water. In hunger and desperation I joined a hobgoblin tribe, and was just settling in when we were attacked by orcs. It seemed like everyone except me was burned to death like Mlankar was, but I thought I saw one hobgoblin escape.

Anyway, I roamed through the vast desert and found another hobgoblin tribe that was considerably more savage than the first. One hobgoblin father threw his newborn son into a boiling lake! After a heated argument with this father I moved to the human village of Port Shaw. I’m fond of humans, especially the Tulita. I admire the Tulita greatly and look forward to spending time with them, except for the one called Pif, whom for some reason I loathe beyond belief. I probably would have lived a nice life there.

However, the sight of my comrades burning like that has caused me to develop a split personality. One is a calm peacemaker and the other, who calls himself Garnlish, is savage and—rrrI am not savage! I just have the will to stand and fight, unlike that namby-pamby, goody two-shoes…mmm… savage and violent. I hope Garnlish doesn’t become the dominant personality, for I have many daily tasks to—rrr… I can do grunt work just as well as nlishgar! I simply choose to focus on more worthwhile…mmm… tasks in which Garnlish would probably incorporate bloody murder that would not look good on a résumé.

This concludes the bio of Nlishgar  and garnlish  but mostly Nlishgar.



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