no picture, no photo, no imageMunahele
(Emmett, Razor Coast 3)

Human (tulita) yohunga 14
Strength 16, Dexterity 13, Constitution 14,
Intelligence 13, Wisdom 12, Charisma 20

During the early years of my life, I grew up in my village, in the jungle. My father was a Tulita shaman and he wanted me to follow in his footsteps. When I was around 7, he taught me some magics and I created my first tikiman. This was a momentous time, and I was looking forward to train with him until adulthood.

One day, some strange men I had never seen before came to our village and demanded we give ourselves to them for work. My father and other leaders of our village said no, so the strange men killed them and forced us into slavery. I was seperated from my brother and my mom, and I never saw them again after that.

I was forced to work in some fields by a mansion, where a high ranking official from Port Shaw lived. I would occasionally see him converse with the bull creatures that governed the workers. From the moment I saw that man I hated him and all other non-Tulia people. During my time working in the fields I would secretly be practicing my magic, and becoming a full fledge Yohunga shaman. I became the shaman that would regulate the Tulita that worked there with me. Eventually, I learned that his name was Hargrove, and there was a group of rebels, along with some free Tulita, that were trying to overthrow him.

Many years later later, I was attempting to escape from the hell-hole that I was forced to work and live in. I was going to get out by the road near the mansion, which was risky, but the only way. I snuck through the fields, towards the mansion, and I saw a naked person wearing only a jacket sneak in. Soon later, more people arrived, and I heard a huge fight going on inside. During this time, instead of running, like I should have, I watched these people with admiration. When the exited, I looked on with awe and inspiration.

Those people had instantly become my heroes. When the battle with a huge Kraken happened, and most of them died, I wept like they were my friends, but when new people joined I was excited. During the celebration after the triumph over the kraken, a Tulita person walked up to me and asked what was happening. I told him what had happened, then asked him who he was, because I had never seen him before.

He introduced himself as Reyda Vance of the ash vei, and we soon grew to be close friends. He even revealed his true form to me, as he was from a mystical island. When he showed me his form, I blessed him with luck. After a couple of months together, we made a shack in the woods for us to live in. During our time in the hut, I finally created my first tikiman, and practiced with it. Using my mana I could do all sorts of things with it.

One day, the heroes of the town that Reyda and I so admired, went on a quest and some members of their party perished, and one retired. They started looking for new people to join, so we volunteered. I am very hopeful for what comes in the future for us and the group we have joined.




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