Maxentius River-Star

no imageMaxentius River-Star
(Salvatore, Razor Coast 1 campaign)

Human (Varisian) gunslinger 7

Strength: 12 Dexterity: 14 Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 7 Wisdom: 12 Charisma: 22

So Fallen has a well…a… kinda stupid name and he realized that when he started to talk to people. So he gave himself a name Maxentius River-Star even though his birth name was Fallen River-Star. Max (Short for Maxentius) was born to a group of rich people. But one day his family was banished from the town they were living in and claimed to be too greedy. To worsen the matter they finally told Fallen (or Maxentius) that he was adopted. The reason they  were claimed to be too greedy was because his uncle Nado had basically taken over the entire town because of all the money he had. So it was more of a revolution against the River-Stars.

When they were kicked out they had nowhere to go except an old shack that his uncle Koldlak lived in. The reason Kodlack lived in a shack was because he was an oracle and it did not get much profit, because no one wanted to see him just so they can hear bad news about his future. When this was going on Maxentius was only 10 years old. His uncle Kodlack saw that he was interested in the stars and taught him the ways of the oracle. The reason Max was so fascinated by the stars was because he originated somewhere near there, he is not sure were or how but knows he did, he wants to figure it out someday.  But right now he has bigger problems, he needs to make a name for himself for him and his family again and he plans to do that in the closest biggest city, Port Shaw.


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