(Nick, Iron Gods 2: The Divinity Drive)

Chaotic neutral android gunslinger (techslinger) 15
Strength 12, Dexterity 26, Constitution 10,
Intelligence 16, Wisdom 14, Charisma 7

I was made on the ship. The advanced technology used to make me is indescribably complex. I was in my pod when the ship Divinity crashed. My artificial body was fully created by the time the ship crashed.

Millennia later

I awoke. A green slime encircled me as my newly formed body waited in the stasis pod. It was very hard to see what was happening outside of my green world. Until, of course, the Technic League found me. They carefully extracted me from the pod and put me on a cart. I lay awake for the entire journey back to their headquarters. The cart was uncomfortable, its hard wood difficult to lie on. I was interrogated for hours every day. After the interrogations, I was put to work in one of their labs. That’s where all of my expertise went to use, developing new weapons for them, new tools, new armor. They praised my work, said it was being put to good use. I was proud that I was helping people.

5 months later

It was my first mission. My arm was fully kitted out with a cold iron longsword, it was implanted into my arm. With a quick thought, my arm opened up and the sword came out, quick and easy. Finally there was the plasma thrower: several were kept on the ship, yet the league wasn’t able to find one yet. I created one for them and they let me keep it for this mission.

The mission was to a small tribal village that had an artifact the Technic League was going to negotiate for. We arrived at the village. People encircled an artifact worshiping it, praying to it. My comrades walked up to someone and shot him. Was this negotiation? Was killing the negotiation? They refused to give up the artifact. BAM! Another shot, another dead. This isn’t right: did they lie to me? They said they were good people. BAM! Another killed. My eyes turned red. I could feel the plasma gun heat up in my hands.

I shot three shots; each found its mark. The first one hit one of the Technic League members in the head. The super heated plasma slowly made it towards his face, skin burning and peeling off as it blasted right through his skull. His brain exploded out of the back of his head. Red juice and lumps of charred flesh lay behind him. The second shot burned a hole in the next guy’s chest. As he fell over, his organs started to fall out of the newly made hole in his chest, a massive puddle underneath him. The third was the most painful. Plasma went straight through his lungs making it so that he suffocated, then died.

I spun around, my sword exiting my arm and chopping the head off the League member next to me. The blade was so sharp that it cut through the spinal cord connecting his head to his back. The guy behind me took a swing, but I dodged with a backflip, my sword connected with his head as I cut him in half, blood and intestines squirting everywhere.

Finally, there was the commander. I took out my gun and shot his arm off. My sword swished out of my arm and I stuck it to his throat.

“Where is the lab,” I whisper calmly.

“My pocket” he said in response as I cut his head off.

I found the address and killed everyone there. That was a monstrous act… Only a monster would do that… Am I a MONSTER… I am a monster… I’m M0n5t3r.

M0n5t3r Level 14

M0n5t3r Level 15


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