Leonardo Gideon

no imageLeonardo Gideon
(Nick, Razor Coast 2 campaign)

Kitsune gunslinger (pistolero) 7

Strength: 12 Dexterity: 18 Constitution: 11
Intelligence: 8 Wisdom: 14 Charisma: 10

My name is Leonardo Gideon. I live at port Shaw with my mother, Shelia and my father, John. We’re kitsunes, fox people, but when I shapeshift I look like an elf. I like to wear a black suit but with two gun holsters, a black fedora, and steampunk orange goggles. I am a bit mischievous and always turning things to fun. I know you can guess what the holsters are for, my two specialized adamantine guns that have sliding long knives that shoot out and can be put back. I learned how to use and craft guns from my dad.

One day I met Jack Ransom, the poor kid on the street. I gave him some bread that I was eating ravenously and we soon became friends. My family provided food and education for him. Soon I went on a seafaring adventure to explore the Razor, exploring many different islands and learning the culture of the native Tulita. Soon an experienced gunsmith named Gorak came and we quickly became friends starting a gun firm. Well that’s my life so far.


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