John Cena

arclord of nexJohn Cena
(Zack B., Iron Gods 1)

Neutral half-elven draconic sorcerer 4
Strength 13, Dexterity 13, Constitution 12
Intelligence 10, Wisdom 10, Charisma 18

I always was different from the others.

While I never truly knew my parents, I had an idea that they were not quite like the others around here. Proof of this showed itself when, while swimming in the lake one day with the other children, I felt a surge of power run through me. I felt stronger than before and strange, new ideas entered my mind, leading into an infinite number of outcomes that no one could control. However, when I recovered from this state of wholeness, I looked around to the see bodies, floating and charred on the surface of the lake. I knew then that something was horribly wrong.

As I ran the screaming began, as people realized what I had done. “Stop him!” they said. “Stop him! Stop that… that warlock! That Wizard! That Fiendish Sorcerer from the dark lands!”

I now know that the name John Cena is forever cursed in my city…. and I now know that I deserve it. From that day on, I decided that I would seek out others like me, the rejected intellects that were despised by those who didn’t understand them.

I shaved my head and trained myself in the powers I controlled, learning more and more as time went on. I took a vow to never lose my control again and always, always fight the ones who are not understood. I journeyed to Torch to find others like myself that I could venture out with, and soon, I found some…

John Cena Level 4


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