Elf - Male - Sword, SpellJason
(Moises, Razor Coast 1 campaign)

Half-elven summoner 7

Strength: 12 Dexterity: 14 Constitution: 15
Intelligence: 10 Wisdom: 8 Charisma: 20

Jason once arrived mysteriously at a Tulita beach when he was a baby in a wooden basket. His ship was attacked just the night before by weresharks his human father had been a summoner but he and his eidolon could not win so he ordered his eidolon to leave with Jason. His father was soon after slain by some weresharks.  The Tulita argued if they would kill the boy or raise him. After a week of fighting they agreed that they would take him to port Shaw and wait for someone to take him. Before Jason left the Tulita gave him a whale symbol to protect him. A caring woman who was kind and helpful to him found him in the street. He was raised to help other even if it meant breaking the law and that is how he became chaotic good.

One day when he was 19 he decided to become an adventurer to discover who his real parents were he was thinking of becoming a wizard. Just as he was about to choose to be a wizard an elf told him to be a summoner instead. His blond hair and dark blue eyes gave him good charisma so he took the advice from the crazy elf.

He chose an angel to be his eidolon and started adventuring on his own. He became stronger and thought that he should go against more challenging foes. One day he came upon a band of weresharks and was nearly killed but was saved by a half-elf Ranger that was named Legolas with his allosaurus. From that day forward he always traveled with the elf and despised weresharks.



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