Invitavit Mentibus

no picture, no photo, no imageInvitavit Mentibus
(Reuben, Iron Gods 2: The Divinity Drive)

Neutral evil sylph psion 15
Strength 12, Dexterity 20, Constitution 12,
Intelligence 27, Wisdom 10, Charisma 9

I was born in a very small town in Zi Ha. It was near the top of a large mountain which was good for me in two ways: it is near impossible to send a message, and there is no one to hear you scream.

I was completely harmless at my birth, and I was actually considered a good omen to my family. They called me Venti at my birth due to the blue ice color of my skin. I grew up living a meager life of survival, every day hoping that the yak my poor family owned would survive.

I was always the weak one in the village, but at the age of ten I had already surpassed most everyone in wit. There were tales of a hermit living at the peak of our mountain who was an evil man and could drive someone insane just by looking into their eyes. All the children of my village teased me for being weak and poor, so one day I decided I would run away and ask the hermit to teach me and, if he didn’t, I was completely fine with being put out of my misery.

The next morning, I rose at dawn and stole some yak from our meager food supply and started the frigid trek up the mountain. I reached the peak and saw a tiny hut with smoke coming out the chimney and knew I had reached my destination. I gathered my thoughts and knocked on the door. An old lady opened the door and I felt a sharp stinging in my head, as if someone had taken a giant needle and poked it into my brain. I tried to fight back by imagining I was putting a wall around my brain and focusing on that. I finally felt the pain recede and saw the hermit smile her gapped teeth and say, “Welcome. I have read your desires and felt your strength and I will teach you.”

Over the next twenty years, she taught me all she knew about using the mind as a weapon and how to unlock my manipulation of the winds. Finally, as the anniversary of the day I had come to her as a child came, she told me that I had learned all she knew and I should go out into the world and show it my power. That night, I went into the deep recesses of my mind, and I realized my power and that there could only be one of me. I collected my stray thoughts and came at her with all the power I had gained in the past twenty years and felt her mind crumple before mine, and I knew that the time had come for me to bring peace to the world, my peace.

I commanded the winds to bring me down the mountain to my old village and landed near where my parents’ hut was. I walked to the town center and yelled for the town to hear “The prodigal son has returned” and promptly watched their faces as they walked out of their huts and saw me, covered in tattered rags, my blue eyes glowing. Then I gave the town peace; it took almost no time at all. After that fateful night, I changed my name because I was no longer Venti; I was something completely different: I am Invitavit Mentibus, the Slayer of Minds.

Since then, I have been traveling around all of Golarion trying to spread as much peace as I can. I recently came to a Numerian town called Torch and was going to give it peace until I met some peculiar travelers, some similar to myself, and have decided to try working with a team that is not at peace. Eventually, I will give them peace, but that will be only when I haved worked with them enough to know that I am not crazy.

I’m not crazy; the people in Cheliax, Magnimar, Zi Ha, Numeria, and many other places are wrong. I am the only sane person in this whole world.

Invitavit Level 14

Invitavit Level 15


One response to “Invitavit Mentibus

  1. Eve

    May 21, 2017 at 9:49 pm

    Your cranium must be prnitcteog some very valuable brains.


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