no picture, no photo, no imageIllirus
(Max S., Kingmaker campaign)

Kitsune bard 5

Strength: 12 Dexterity: 17 Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 9 Wisdom: 10 Charisma: 18

I am joyful, sick in a crazy way, and talented. I am crazy because my father and mother both were crazy in their own ways. My father was a mad scientist who practiced on people and tried to infuse their DNA with common animals. He tried it on me and infused me with a magical fox. My mother when she realized what the father had done went insane and went to an asylum.

I am small, and have no apparent gender. I have a slight orange peach fuzz on my upper lip. My hair is orange and has an Einstein look to it. The reason I became a bard was because I’ve always felt a yearning to be on stage.

When my mother went to the asylum, she stayed there for a couple years and then she was gone. She knew that something was coming to get her. On the magical security cam, she was walking past the window. A demon broke through the glass and whisked my mom out the window. The demon then did unspeakable things to her outside on the asylum’s lawn. They found her ravaged and ripped-apart body all over the lawn. I still have not figured out what demon it was that raped and killed her. If i find it, I will deploy the same pain that my mother felt onto the demon.

To today, i have a strip of my mothers dress tied in my hair. I enchanted it so that it acts like my hair and it grows like my hair.

My father has been looking for me but I ran away as soon as I found out he had turned my best friend’s dad into a werewolf. This werewolf killed everybody in my village. When my dad wanted to talk about it, I threw a red-hot poker into his eye. Before he faded into unconsciousness he said you are a Kitsune and he said that he experimented on me when I was a baby. So I ran over to him and kicked it deeper into his eye.

I think he has come closer to me than ever because there were signs posted saying, “Have you seen this fox?” Below the words there was a picture of a fox that had orange hair.

This was Illurus’ history and he is now signing off.


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