Half-elf Ranger 4

Strength: 16 Dexterity: 20 Constitution: 8
Intelligence: 7 Wisdom: 14 Charisma: 8

Edrina and her half-brother Gnibli were born in Sandpoint. Both of them were really enthusiastic about being adventurers. When Edrina was seven, she started training at shooting with a bow, and she was really good at that. After fifteen years, she thought she was ready to explore the world, and she left Sandpoint to seek adventures.

Later, she got the news that her half-brother, Gnibli, had been murdered by Asar, the skeletal knight. After a while, his soul found Edrina and gave her his strength and wisdom, and she grew stronger. She is now still out there adventuring, knowing that her half-brother’s soul is within her heart.


One response to “Edrina

  1. ronaldsf

    December 14, 2012 at 11:31 am

    28th day of Neth, 4712 AR

    Think Edrina, think!

    I was between a pit full of zombies and a door with a scratching sound that came from the other side. Finally, I burned the door and six poisonous dire rats rushed in. But before they had noticed anything, I had killed two of them.

    When we had killed all of them, including the zombies, Paw got a sickness and was glowing on his left side. Gar walked up to Paw and gave him some strange water. After two seconds, Paw was knocked-out, and I shot Gar so he was knocked-out, too. Then we healed and cured everyone and began to walk towards the unsearched room. I walked in first and saw a treasure chest. I ran up to it and tried to open it, but it was well-locked. Then some goblins jumped out behind me, but I killed one instantly. And Heroica calmed them, and they fell to sleep. But before that, four baby goblins ran in.

    Heroica and me took two each as our babies. Then a pizza deliveryman and his wolf came in and gave us some pizza. But on the way out, the pizza guy got eaten by something in the roof, his wolf got scared and ran into Paw, and they fell in love. We picked up the things from the treasure chest, and I found a trap door. I walked down the stairs into a small room and I saw some things on the floor. Some of them I put in my backpack without even telling the others, and the gold I thought I should give to the others. Then I looked around, I saw many eyes, and more then a hundred cats jumped out from the dark. They all did the same thing, ran up the stairs and jumped on Cindy. She then had the ultimate armor of kittens, but couldn’t move…

    – Edrina


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