no imageEdenias
(Max S., Wrath of the Righteous 2 campaign)

Tiefling investigator 1

Strength: 12 Dexterity: 16 Constitution: 13
Intelligence: 17 Wisdom: 10 Charisma: 6

This is the tale of Edenias, the tiefling investigator who was the daughter of a demon-blooded mentally-disabled woman and a cultist of Deskari.

Our story starts in a stone mansion with a womanly scream coming from it “Ahhhhh”. When you look inside you will see a woman who has a sickly gleam about her, going into labor. Above her, looking desperate is a cloaked man that has a wild look in his eyes. He says “come out faster stupid baby the officials are getting closer “. When you look closer you recognize him as the most wanted cultist in all of the world, Sammy Black [a.k.a Billy Bob Joe]. Then you realize the woman in labor is the famous Kat Snippet, who had demon blood injected into her when she was a kid that was believed to heal her mentally unstable mind.

She groans and screams and you hear a “WahWah” coming from her. Sammy reaches down to take the still crying baby. When the baby opens its eyes you see they are pitch black. Sammy is so surprised he doesn’t notice the officials knocking on his door. Then the baby seems to come to a realization and suddenly with surprising force strikes at Sammy’s throat. Sammy drops the baby and sees Kat seizuring and foaming at the mouth. Sammy knows his windpipe has been crushed and before he dies he says to the baby your name is Edenias. When the officials finally get to the room they see Kat Snippet and Sammy Black both lying dead next to each other and their newborn lying asleep in the middle of her dead parents.

The baby named Edenias is taken into foster care, but when she is older she accidentally wandered behind demon lines, but is saved by a woman who always wore a symbol of Desna. She helped Edenias until she was helped by crusades, but Edenias has always wondered what happened to her so she has always been lucky at trickery.

Edenias decides at 37 to become an investigator and to investigate other mysterious happenings where she meets Staetalevich the Nagaji Skald and Evxan the Tiefling Arcanist. She then decided to go to Kenabres and help with the fight against the demons. This is the true story of Edenias and her friends.

-Max S.

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