Bob’s Mom (Lily)

gunslingerBob’s Mom (Lily)
(Torin, Razor Coast 3 campaign)

Chaotic neutral half-elven pistolero gunslinger 11

Strength: 13 Dexterity: 21 Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 10 Wisdom: 17 Charisma: 10

I was born and raised in the royal family of Constrendex. My father, the king, was assassinated when I was three years old and my oldest brother took the throne. He ruled for three years and then he too was assassinated. Four months after my other brother, who was 9 years younger than the first, inherited the throne even though he was not of age, got a crossbow bolt through his head while signing important papers. A few weeks after that word of my uncle’s brutal death spread and then five days later my cousin died.

Upon this news I fled from the kingdom away from my dying family to find safety. I did not stay in any town for more than 9 days. In the town of Datynjunbih I bought my first gun from a gunsmith who also told me about adventuring and gave me a good place to start. That is how I become an adventurer.

Bob’s Mom (Lily) Level 11


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