Ashtael Valjakra

no picture, no photo, no imageAshtael Valjakra
(Simon, Iron Gods 2: The Divinity Drive)

Lashunta aegis 15
Strength 25, Dexterity 12, Constitution 16,
Intelligence 19, Wisdom 11, Charisma 8

Born in the glorious Lashunta city-state of Qabarat on the distant planet of Castrovel, Ashtael Valjakra was a child destined for greatness. After his parents gave him up due to financial troubles with the Merchant’s Guild, he was put into a government-run orphanage where he discovered his psionic powers.

It started when a group of older orphans, known as the Qabarat Kids, were picking on him, and one tried to get some money out of him.  As the boy’s punch flew toward his face, a shimmering blue-green suit of armor manifested around him and protected him. With an overseer at the orphanage seeing Ashtael with the shimmering suit of armor manifested around him, the stunned expression of the bullies, and the one who tried to push him clutching his fist in pain, he was whisked away to hone his abilities.

Years later, Ashtael was an elite guard, with the rank of Grand Protector, at the palace of the Ruling Lady of Qabarat and her Chief Consort. For many Lashunta, they stay in this position for most of their lives, until retirement from age or a more violent end meets them, but for Ashtael, this was not enough.  So when the Divinity came to Castrovel, he leapt at the chance to be taken aboard.  He was put into cryostasis and had a rude awakening when, some 9,000 years later, the Technic League cracked open his pod and tried to take him apart to see how his abilities worked.  With the help of a rogue technomancer, he escaped and now stands before you.

Long black hair goes almost down to his waist, a full beard frames his face, and his almost black eyes make a startling comparison to his pale skin.  A beautiful greatsword is slung across and he wears strangely beautiful clothes that are obviously not of this world.

Ashtael Valjakra Level 14

Ashtael Valjakra Level 15


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