no imageRudis
(Athos, Wrath of the Righteous campaign)

Lawful good human qinggong monk 1

Strength: 17 Dexterity: 13 Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 8 Wisdom: 14 Charisma: 10

I was in my house when it started. My mother was making dinner when we heard a scream from outside,  a terrible blood-curdling scream. It sounded as if there was someone being tortured. But when we rushed outside we saw nothing, nothing but the most horrible thing that you could possibly imagine.

There was a thing, a grotesquely mutated thing that looked like it had come from the depths of Hell itself.  It had no head, but it had a mouth on its chest, a huge  mouth with teeth like needles and instead of hands there were flames, and holes almost like suckers all over him.  The shriek was coming from the gigantic mouth on his chest.  The moment I stepped out it turned toward me. It could not see me, for it had no eyes, but I knew it could smell me from the slitted nostrils just above its mouth which at this moment had opened wider than I had ever thought it could have.  It opened as wide and as tall as I was, and I saw its teeth — I saw each and every one of its horrible, black, deadly needle-like teeth.

It was coming nearer now, but I could not move — I was frozen in fright.  The thing’s flaming hands reached out, SPLASH!

The flames went out, and the creature made a long, agonizing scream, but it still had its teeth. I tried to move but I was too slow.  My arm was doused in pain, and for a moment I felt pure hatred and loathing that I had never felt before.

Then it was gone — everything, sight, smell, sound, everything.

I was immersed in total nothingness.  So I waited, and waited, and waited. Then I reached a black-tiled floor that seemed to stretch out forever with no doors or even any walls to put the doors on.  Then I was walking. I could not remember where I was walking or when I decided to start walking.  All I knew was that I was walking, and that if I kept walking I was bound to reach something.  So I let my body walk if it wanted to walk because I was certainly not walking myself — perhaps my body just wanted to walk, so it did and wasn’t going to stop it.

After a long while, I saw a large dome and I wanted to look at it more closely, but my legs kept on walking, so I decided to walk with them and see where they took me. Then my legs stopped walking in the middle of nowhere.  I was quite upset by this, since there was nothing around to do or look at, and I didn’t want to force my legs to walk if they didn’t want to. I stood there for a moment contemplating the matter. Then I realized that I could walk on my hands — they haven’t gotten half as much exercise as my legs.  So I decided to walk on my hands for the time being and try to reach my destination, which is unknown until I find it.




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