Slumbering Tsar


“Welcome to the Camp!”

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Your characters arrive at The Camp, the last outpost of “civilization” on the edge of the demonic Worldwound and near the ancient, evil, and abandoned city of Tsar.


Many hundreds of years ago, the forces of good, led by the temples of Abadar and Iomedae, allied to destroy the main Temple of Orcus in the ancient city of Tsar. With their temple in ruins, the surviving high priests of this accursed demongod fled the city with an army of enemies on their trail—an army of heroic fighters, clerics and paladins—led by Zelkor, a powerful wizard. The priests entered the mazes and caverns of what is now called Rappan Athuk. The exact fate of these evil priests was then unknown, for not only did the remnants of the followers of Orcus disappear from all human reckoning, but so did the army of light that followed after them disappear as well. Some said that in the eternal scales the loss of so many good men was a fair price to pay to rid the world of so much evil.

Zelkor was not the only one suspicious of the disciples’ sudden withdrawal from the city after the Battle of Tsar. The record of that event is well-known and has been pondered by many since that day. Was it all just to trap to destroy the Army of Light at Rappan Athuk? If so why not reoccupy Tsar, a vast and defensible temple-city along a lucrative trade route, instead of settling for a dingy hole in the ground in some far flung forest. Could the entire withdrawal and debacle in the Forest of Hope have been a ruse within ruse to draw attention away from seemingly abandoned Tsar for some other, altogether unguessed reason?

Questions such as these and more have been on the minds of the patriarchs of the temples of Abadar and Iomedae for some time. Now they wish to send in a small group to infiltrate the unplumbed ruins and discover what sinister secret may have been kept so well for so long.

Character Creation

First, send a “sketch” to me of your character: race, class, why they’re an adventurer, and why they join the group to explore Tsar. Also, secretly send me your character’s “arc”: things that might happen to them in the future, or things that secretly motivate your character!

No need to write full bios — after all, you shouldn’t get too attached to your character because CHARACTERS WILL DIE.

  • CLASSES: The classes and archetypes listed on this page are available.
  • RACES: All the races listed on this page are available (the nerfs to certain races apply). Classes from Ultimate Psionics are also allowed on a case-by-case basis.
  • ABILITY SCORES: Rolled randomly using the Organic Method!! Roll 4d6, drop the lowest straight down the list. Then reroll one score, then switch two. The GM must witness them, OR use this secure dice-rolling website to email me and yourself six rolls of 4d6, dropping the lowest. Then you tell me which stat you’re rerolling BEFORE you actually reroll.
  • WEALTH: 23,500 gold
  • KEEP IN MIND: Work with your group to create a balanced party: this will be a challenge!

The Camp = Home Base

When the party leaves the Camp, it must return to the Camp in order to pick up more allies. This means that if a player is absent one day and rejoins the group, and finds that the party was exploring some remote place, their character can’t play yet! The party would have to return to the Camp. (I’ll give you something to do; don’t worry.) Still, this means that the party should be careful about venturing too far from its home base. And when a character dies, there are fewer characters remaining to survive the trek home.

Character Death

  • If your character dies, any magic items/wealth that you have pass on to your next adventurer.
  • Your next adventurer has exactly one level fewer XP than your previous character. However, any XP you earn from now on comes with a 50% bonus until you catch up with the rest of the party.

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