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The nation of Brevoy is in danger of falling into civil war between its more powerful northern region, Issia, and its southern region, Rostland. The Swordlords of Rostland hope to establish friendly kingdoms beyond its southern border, in The Stolen Lands, to secure the region against a rear southern invasion from Pitax should a civil war break out.

At the start of the campaign, the Swordlords give you and your party a a charter to clear a portion of the Stolen Lands for settlement. Eventually, your powers and responsibilities increase, as you manage the concerns of a burgeoning kingdom, expand it, and defend it from invaders!

Character Creation: Create 2 characters!

GuildI’ve decided it will be more fun to have 2 characters: your main character and your “2nd character.” However, you will need to work with me in that your 2 characters will almost never adventure together (otherwise, things get unwieldy for me the GM). Instead, your 2nd character will be busy doing things “offstage,” such as guarding your home base, ruling your kingdom, crafting items, etc.

At the start of the campaign, your main character will be Level 1 in a PC class, and your 2nd character will be Level 0 in a PC class. They can have a mentor/apprentice relationship if you like. The GM has ultimate say as to what your “background” character is doing, to make sure he or she isn’t simply an appendage to your regular character (i.e., gives all of their gold over, etc.). If your main character dies, create a new character with the same amount of XP as your 2nd character — choose which of your 2 living characters will now be your main character and 2nd character.

You can choose to send either one of your characters out with the party. If your main character goes on an adventure, then your 2nd character progresses toward his or her next level at the same rate as your main character. ALSO, no matter which of your characters is going on an adventure, if that character has less XP than the group’s XP Leader, then he or she earns XP at 150% the normal rate. (This means that, if your 2nd character has to replace a dead character, or your main character returns from a break, they can catch up.)

“Main character” guidelines

  • STARTING LEVEL: Level 1 (the Adventure Path eventually takes us up through Level 17, then we see where we go from there)
  • CLASSES: all Paizo-published classes and archetypes are available
  • RACES: only the races listed under Core Races and Featured Races on this page
  • ABILITY SCORES: Organic Method, or 15-point buy (see below)
  • WEALTH: Typical starting wealth for your character class, OR roll randomly (must be witnessed)
  • KEEP IN MIND: The noble families of Brevoy are human, and your race might affect your influence with them. Skills and abilities associated with exploring the wilderness are important. Also, there are 11 Leadership Roles for ruling a kingdom (you can change your role every “kingdom turn,” which is one month), and Charisma is important to some of them. Charisma is important to being the Ruler. (See page 6 of the Kingmaker Player’s Guide I gave you for details.)

“Background” character guidelines

  • STARTING LEVEL: Level 0. Everything is the same as for Level 1 characters except for the following:
    • XP: -1000.
    • Starting Hit Points: one-half your hit die, plus one. (For example, barbarians have 7, fighters have 6, clerics have 5, and wizards have 4). NO favored-class bonus, and use one-half your CON modifier (rounded down)
    • Base Attack Bonus: +0. (Only Fighters get +1.)
    • Skills: one-half base skill ranks + one-half INT modifier (rounded down)
    • Base Saving Throws: +1s instead of +2s.
    • Feats: No first-level feat. (Humans still receive their racial bonus feats.)
    • Special abilities: They are different for every class — consult your GM. In MOST cases (not all), you can do abilities that have a limited number per day one-half the number of times per day, those abilities are weaker, and you gain cantrips/orisons.
    • Starting Wealth: One-half (rounded down) the typical starting wealth for your character class, OR roll randomly and divide by 2 (must be witnessed)

Two Ways to Generate Ability Scores

OPTION ONE – ‘The Organic Method’
Do the following, in this order: dd_dice

1. Roll 4d6 and drop the lowest down the list in order. Either the GM must witness the rolls, or use this secure dice-rolling website.
2. Reroll one score and keep the higher roll. If you are using the dice-rolling website, email which one you’re rerolling to the GM FIRST, before rerolling that score.
“Hopeless” character exception: If your highest ability score is 11 or lower, or your ability modifiers (your “pluses”) add up to +2 or lower, you can return to Step 1.
3. Switch 2 scores.
The main reason I started Point Buy in the Guild was to prevent some students (you can guess who!) from committing suicide until they got their “perfect” character. But I think you folks won’t do that. WARNING: if we do this, you might get something you don’t want. But it will make for some interesting characters you didn’t quite expect. If this doesn’t work out then I will revert us all to Option Two.

15-point buy. This lets you precisely control your character’s scores, but odds are that your character will not have scores as high as those created under Option One. But you do avoid the danger of rolling low on important scores.

You have 15 points to spend on your 6 ability scores. Each ability score has the corresponding “price”:

18: 17 points
17: 13 points
16: 10 points
15: 7 points
14: 5 points
13: 3 points
12: 2 points
11: 1 point
10: 0 points
9: -1 point
8: -2 points
7: -4 points

If you pick a 7, 8 or 9, you “earn” points that you can spend on another ability score.

Discuss your characters below!


11 responses to “Kingmaker

  1. ronaldsf

    May 30, 2013 at 9:27 am

    I know this much so far: Galen is going to have a ninja and a samurai, and Nima is going to have a wizard and a bard.

  2. Athos

    May 30, 2013 at 8:45 pm

    What do Dhampirs look like?

    • ronaldsf

      May 30, 2013 at 10:53 pm

      They look like a cross between humans and undead, usually vampire like. Try this link

  3. ronaldsf

    May 31, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    What month do you guys want to set out? Average lows/highs in The Stolen Lands:
    Abadius (January) – 22/30
    Calistril (February) – 22/33
    Pharast (March) – 30/42
    Gozran (April) – 41/56
    Desnus (May) – 50/68
    Sarenith (June) – 56/73
    Erastus (July) – 60/76
    Arodus (August) – 58/74
    Rova (September) – 49/65
    Lamashan (October) – 40/53
    Neth (November) – 31/39
    Kuthona (December) – 24/31

  4. Athos

    June 2, 2013 at 10:25 am

    Cool that looks like the kind of thing I want to be

    • Malinda

      May 21, 2017 at 10:44 pm

      Takk for fin og anderledes tilnærming til tjenestedesign. Ja, den kan fungere som en sjekkliste, for Ã¥ finne ut hvor skoen trykker – eller unngÃ¥ brfsreurustrakjon i ferdig utviklet tjeneste. Jeg ser fram til rapporter om hvordan Halogen sliper diamanten i det virkelige liv, med konkrete eksempler fra alle fire tommelfingrene.

  5. Athos

    June 8, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    im very pleased with how my cerictor terned out

  6. Athos

    June 8, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    and really who can blame me its fun to be blood sucking unded 5 year old!

    • ronaldsf

      June 8, 2013 at 9:23 pm


  7. Athos

    June 9, 2013 at 11:32 am

    I rest my case


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