Heroes of Kassen


You are young people who have grown up in the forest town of Kassen, on the Tourondel River running through the great Fangwood. Your town is named after the great Ekat Kassen, who led an expedition and cleared this town out of the stubborn wilderness almost 200 years ago. An old adventuring friend and rival of his, Asar Vergas, stationed himself and a group of bandits in an ancient crypt in the forest as he tried to rob the town. The town gathered around to wish Kassen and the town militia well as they set out for the crypt.

The battle in the crypt was bloody and terrible, but the town was victorious. However, Kassen and Asar both fell under mutual blows. Those who died there were buried there, and Kassen was buried in a place of honor in the crypt beneath an eternal flame.

Every year since then, just before the last harvest celebration, your town mayor and dignitaries made the pilgrimage to the Crypt of the Everflame to remember the town’s difficult first years. They lit a lantern from the Everflame and bring it back to town, where it was preserved through Kassen’s long winter as a symbol of the town’s resilience.

Every once a while, the town sent young people to make this pilgrimage. This year, you and other young people were chosen. For you, this was a passage into adulthood, a taste of adventure before settling down to work and marriage. But the terrible secret you uncovered within the Crypt of the Everflame lit a fire of adventure within you and your companions.

Now, you are on a new, possibly more perilous mission: to find the children who went missing after camping in the woods as part of a dare. Their trail has led you to the mysterious dwarven ruin, Droskar’s Crucible, where grave danger awaits…

Character Creation

  • CLASSES: All Paizo-published classes and archetypes are available
  • RACES: Only the Core and Featured races listed on this page are available.
  • ABILITY SCORES: Use the following array: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, and 8.
  • WEALTH: Normal starting wealth for your character class.

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