Age of Worms

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Your characters arrive at The Camp, the last outpost of “civilization” on the edge of the demonic Worldwound and near the ancient, evil, and abandoned city of Tsar.


Twenty-five years have passed in Cheliax since the accomplishments of the “Heroes of Westcrown” caused the House of Thrune to ban the worship of nearly all religions except for Asmodeus. There is now talk of war by the expansionist nation of Galt. The Thrune government has just made a large order for arrows, which should mean booming business for the mining town of Diamond Lake.

In Diamond Lake, conditions are grim and mining in the dangerous tunnels in the surrounding hills is the only reliable work. The burial cairns once held fantastic ancient treasures, but they were looted long ago.

It is in this town where our story begins.

Character Creation

  • CLASSES: The classes and archetypes listed on this page are available.
  • RACES: All the races listed on this page are available (the nerfs to certain races apply). Classes from Ultimate Psionics are also allowed on a case-by-case basis.
  • ABILITY SCORES: Unrestricted 15-point buy.
  • WEALTH: 23,500 gold
  • TRAITS: Each character gets 2 traits. No two characters can have the same trait.



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