Tomb of Annihilation #52: The Ticking of the Clock

10 Sep

In two missing chapters of our story, some party members turned into rodents and explored more of the third level, encountering a room with an insanity-inducing wind trap, a room with teleporting platforms leading to a chest and clay golem, and a strange door with a round mirror and ten indentations around it. Meanwhile they are finding crystal “eyes” in the dungeon. (-GM) 

10th of Flamerule (“Summertide”), 1493 DR (Dalereckoning)

Goblin the Boblin tries to cast fly to get over the chasm. His unpredictable magic sputters out for a second, and then Goblin disappears. Luckily, a few seconds later, I see him floating towards me as a ghost. He turns back into himself and we continue. 

At the mirror, I try to put eyes into the niches along the outside. Each one makes my reflection look ~10 human years older, or about 15 years for me. My reflection also starts looking sickly once all 4 eyes are in. Other than that, though, nothing else happens.

Axik and I go into the confusing spinning room together. The door locks behind us, and the room begins spinning. The devils on the walls come to life and breathe glitter on us, blinding us. I try to use my immovable rod to steady myself, but fail. Spikes coming from the walls knock me out, but Axik heals me just as Bellowboy manages to rip the door off its hinges with his god-imbued strength and save us. As we try to rest, we are attacked by a small group of su-monsters. After killing them, we finally get to long rest.

“The hags seem to be counting down to something to do with the prophecy, but I’m not sure what…”

I wake up in the middle of the night, panting. The hags have given me a nightmare! In the morning, I don’t feel rested at all, and I am barely able to get up, let alone brave more of the deadly traps in this cursed dungeon. The hags seem to be counting down to something to do with the prophecy, but I’m not sure what. All I know is we should probably get down to the bottom level before they finish counting in six days.

We make our way to the watery room lined with murals holding real weapons. An archway filled with water blocks our path. When we try to walk through it, it blasts us back, hurting us. I eventually come up with the genius idea to use my immovable rod to hold ourselves in place, and we all eventually get through.

We go through a hallway to the left to find a small room. In the center is a bowl filled with a green liquid, and I see a figure that mirrors my movements in the back of the room. I let it slake its thirst at the font like the poem says to do, and a crystal eye appears in the bowl, but my shadow remains. Unfortunately, it is too far away, but I don’t like the idea of a cursed spirit following me around all the time. It’s unnatural! Hopefully it will fade eventually.

We continue and find a room with a peephole in it. Through it, I see a golden demon mask. In its mouth is a vulture. While I do this, I feel like I can sense the room with the tiles that summon deadly insects. Another weird thing about this tomb, I guess. We step around a wall to find a jackal painting holding the mask. We find and press a secret button, and the stone with the jackal and the mask slides down, revealing the room with the mask.

Hieroglyphic Floor

Axik steps through, and the stone rises again. I go back to looking through the mask. I am somehow able to communicate telepathically with Axik, and I tell him the symbols that appear in the mask’s mouth. He steps on the tiles with those symbols, and makes it to the sarcophagus.

Goblin and I also make our way to the now open sarcophagus. Goblin grabs the bones inside it, and gets possessed by a unicorn bunny spirit, giving him superhuman dexterity. I can’t help feeling bitter that my god, while they mean well and are clearly the best god and all the other gods are terrible and everyone should worship my god and my god only…. Sorry. Got a little carried away there. Sometimes I wonder if there is a downside to all this possession business, but I’m sure these gods only want to help us.

Anyway, what I meant to say was that my god is only powerful enough to make me fall slower, while these other gods are giving truly godlike abilities. Must be that Acererak took the most power away from the best god. Yeah, I’m sure that’s what it is…

-Bob Dewbreaker


Axik the Artificer, dragonborn artificer 10
Bellow-boy the Toxic, dragonborn paladin 9
Bob Dewbreaker, half-elven paladin 3/sorcerer 7
Boblin the Goblin, goblin fighter 8

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