Abomination Vaults #4: Fly on the Wall

18 Jul

When we last left our heroes, they had just disturbed a fly-like devil creature. Party dwarf, sorcerer, and author of Quincycare tells their story. –GM

16th of Sarenith, 4721 AR

Quincy’s symbol

Ahead of us stood a fly-like creature. We prepared for battle, but before one of us could strike, it spawned bats. Luckily these bats were no match for us. We slew them quickly.  As we turned to face the creature and finish it, it vanished. We stood there in horror. We searched for the devil, but it was nowhere to be found. Then it appeared right behind Trahz. Luckily he had his shield out. We charged at it. I launched a projectile, but the projectile did nothing. We were able to get one clean hit on the beast. Slowly we were able to finish it off, but we were not unscathed; a couple of us had gotten knocked out.

I quickly knelt down to heal my fellow comrades. Once everyone was healed up, Trahz jumped for joy. We were proud of ourselves and decided to go onward. This was a mistake. Down the hallway stood some morlocks, crossbows in hand. They fired on us. I sustained a gaping injury. Realizing the mistake we made, we ran. I used up the last of my healing. We decided that instead of risking our lives more, we would return to town to work on our mayoral campaign.

We decided to check out a bar named The Crook’s Nook. Right when we entered, Trahz ran around trying to get signatures. I sat down and started to chat with friendly folk. I explained about how if I was elected I would support prison reform and health care for the town. The people at the bar had never heard of a thing like that and they thought it was a good idea. In total both me and Trahz were able to get 2 signatures. Happily we left the bar to rest our weary bodies and get ready for adventuring tomorrow. 

“We were proud of ourselves and decided to go onward. This was a mistake…”

We met up with Wrin. We asked how she was doing and she said she was okay. We decided to buy a couple sets of lockpicks for our journey ahead. We told her about our adventure. She seemed impressed but she wanted us to figure out the real source of the light. Once we said our goodbyes, we went to bed. The next morning, we went to the lighthouse.

Tied up to the dock near the lighthouse was an old boat. It did not look suspicious, but when we looked closer we noticed that there were fish cakes that were still a little fresh. Also in the boat was the logo that was tattooed on some people in The Crook’s Nook. That seemed kind of suspicious. What was going on? 


-Quincy (Ari)


Trahz Gorlock – orc-dhampir tyrant 1
Leneth Lentrow – human swashbuckler 1
Narlin Reclus – elven investigator 1
Quincy – dwarven sorcerer 1
Beldon Heartsbane – gnome-dhampir cleric 1
Nythardra – elven witch 1

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