Shattered Star #40: Divide and Conquer

09 Jun

In a missing chapter, an archer named Big M who was also hunting Berkanin Ardoc joined the party as they burgled the golem crafter’s “Hanging Manse.” The residents lurked upstairs as the party dealt with dangers below. The party’s gumshoe-cum-Runelord of Lust continues their story. –GM

8th of Erastus, 4712 AR


“The adventurers took out Berkanin’s goons by splitting them up and using their connection against them.”

Our heroes were still on the case of this missing troll, and all the clues so far had led them to Berkanin’s mansion. Inside the manor, the adventurers keenly uncovered a variety of traps and sentries and, more importantly, valuables. There were so many goods to be ‘reclaimed’ that they couldn’t even hold all of it, but somehow, Cutthroat Craig Cunningham PI had predicted just such a situation, and pulled out some saddlebags fitted just for Nithral’s giant mangy mutt.
After ‘repurposing’ all of these valuables, the party set off again to continue searching the house and found several more clues. In the indoor greenhouse, they were able to decipher a note, proving that not only was Berkanin here, but he had two underlings who were unsure of their loyalties.
With this new insight, our heroes decided to finish their search and confront their foe, but not before getting attacked by even more poorly constructed opponents. With his lightning kicks, Serpiente was able to make quick work of them. They followed the trail farther into the house, leaving each room a little poorer than before they had entered, and came upon Berkanin’s henchmen. Our heroes were assaulted from the sky by the harpy Herifax, as well as from the room across the bridge by the rogue Kanya, but they knew just how to handle a situation like this. It proved difficult and was almost too much for many of them, but the adventurers took out Berkanin’s goons by splitting them up and using their connection against them. When Kanya was taken down, Herifax surrendered, and even agreed to help us fight Berkanin.
With the last of Berkanin’s traps passed and underlings out of commission, there was nothing left between our heroes and the end of this case.

-Cutthroat Craig Cunningham (Zander)


Big M, dwarven ranger 7
Cutthroat Craig Cunningham Pirate Eye, tiefling-ratfolk investigator 8
El Serpiente Silencioso, human monk 8
Jaskier, elven bard 8
Nithral, elven druid 8
Sorcerella, human sorcerer (draconic) 8

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