Rise of the Runelords #41: 美しい巫女

03 May

In a missing writeup, the party descended into the crypt beneath the corrupted temple to Sarenrae. There, held prisoner by an insane demon succubus, was a singularly gifted individual with the power to heal: the inimitable 美しい巫女. She tells her story. -GM

16th of Neth, 4707 AR

utsukushi-mikoOn my 180th birthday, a group of adventurers came to rescue me from the dungeon I have been held in for the past month. My time with the new group of adventurers — a group consisting of Jail, a machine master whose life choices I don’t quite agree with, Chtanmuch an uber-cute plant, Joe Mama who is a big fan of gun violence — the first thing I did upon seeing my saviors was blast searing holy light at my captor, a succubus who made me question my carnal desires which is weird ’cause I’m only 180 and she’s like 600.

After my saviors slew my tormenter, we left and I saw my dad again. He didn’t want me to go back with the adventurers, but Sarenrae said otherwise. And so, against my father’s wishes, I left, promising to return.

Our next stop as a group was the city guard and a very handsome young man named Zayne who just maybe might like me as well. After that, we went to a judge. I told him my story and asked him if he needed any culprits apprehended or people in need. He said no, and soon after I became an official member of the team.

The others proceeded to fill me in on their ongoing mission to stop the Skinsaw murders and how that had led them to kill Aldern Foxglove, a socialite who turned out was turned into the Skinsaw Man seemingly against his will by a cult known as the Brothers of the Seven. After defeating Aldern, they had found a note mentioning a connection between the Brothers of the Seven and a nearby lumber mill.

We then decided to investigate the mill, at which we confronted by the last person we expected to be a cultist of the Seven: that one random judge we talked to that one time earlier in the day. And so now a fight begins.

-美しい巫女 U / Utsukushī Miko (Brennan)


Chtanmuch, leshy monk 6
Jail, tiefling inventor 7
Joe Mama, kobold gunslinger 6
美しい巫女 U / Utsukushī Miko, elf-beastkin cleric 5
Sylandia, elf-tiefling ranger 6

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