Rise of the Runelords #37: The Uncozy Cabin

05 Apr

The party continues its assault on the goblin thieves’ guild under Magnimar. -GM

11th of Neth, 4707 AR

goblin-alchemistWe start the session in Staz’s cozy cabin, shooting at the door to it while an army of goblins attempt to come in. Among them is an alchemist who throws countless fire potions at us.

After we kill about two of them, one comes up with a bomb and throws it at Jail, dazzling  her. Jail jumps into the doorway after noticing how hurt everyone but her was because Jail prepared. One strike with her melee weapon, she distracts all the goblins, giving time for Sylandia to heal everyone 88. One of the goblins grinds at Jail as fire seeps through its teeth, and it lets out a huge gust of fire.

After jail kills it, Jail and Ekkie run out of the room to kill the others. Jail pulls out her melee weapon and cuts a goblin clean in half.

hobgoblin-generalAfter killing the rest, they decide to explore, coming upon 2 bathrooms. After quickly closing the doors to them, they continue their search.

They walk down a long hallway and see a throne room and atop that there is the tallest goblin they had ever seen.

“Good job, Ekkie,’ she says. “You have given us more then we asked for! You have given us many rich folk.”

She says confidently, “Join us, Ekkie. You know we will win.” 

-Jail (Cort)


Cheklz, kobold-changeling fighter 5
Jail, tiefling inventor 6
Jo Mama, kobold gunslinger 6
Staz, elf-changeling oracle 5
Sylandia, elf-tiefling ranger 6

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