Wrath of the Righteous #53+54: The Defense of Drezen

15 Jul

Our heroes defend the crucial city of Drezen from the demonic onslaught led by the marilith general Aponavicius. (-GM)

11th day of Arodus, 4728 AR

Killing the leader of the dragon army wasn’t going to be easy…

After routing one army, we decided it was time to move on to the next step of our war plan. However, killing the leader of the dragon army wasn’t going to be easy. Not only did we have the dragon himself to worry about, but there was also the issue of the succubus that was assisting him.

But luckily for us, we had the aforementioned plan. After scouting them out for a bit, we teleported into the middle of the army, hoping to do a quick and easy assault. Beckles ran up to the beast and began to pound it to a pulp with his fists, while Fella riddled it with arrows. I bewitched the demon, and our new companion Pinacra, Death’s Blade followed up by ripping out its heart upon her blade. All the while, the song of Sir Harold fueled our fervor and sped us to an unnatural extent.

Just as quickly as the battle had begun, it was over. We whisked ourselves back to Drezen and began to prepare for the siege. The demon army teleported to the hilltop a few miles from the city and began their approach.

I had a devious plan, but sadly there wasn’t enough time to enact it. The nuke would have to wait. Our attention was drawn to the basement of Citadel Drezen, where a series of unholy runes had begun to light up.


Before us appeared a gang of locusts, elite guards of Aponavicius herself! To our surprise, this so-called “elite guard” folded like paper and barely slowed us as we advanced into the portal they had opened — this was our opportunity to slay the army’s leader. Awaiting us was the Corrupted Phoenix Pyralisia that had once been on our side, and standing beside her was a hulking dreadnaught. We were shaken by the look of these foes, yet we pressed onward.

The flames surrounding the bird scorched at my very soul, and I steered clear, lest I succumb to the evil that had once possessed me. The golem looked tough, but at my touch, it collapsed to dust. The bird fell just as easily, but we knew it would arise again soon. Could we afford to believe that perhaps it would arise holy once again, or could it not cast off the spelled that corrupted it? I thought it was better to be safe than sorry, but Nunya stayed my hand. As we watched, the ashes of the noble bird relit and coalesced into a ball of flame and shadow. She had lost her internal struggle, so we were forced to put her down permanently.

Staunton Vhane

After a brief rest, we pressed onward, discovering room after room in the headquarters of our foe. We suddenly heard whispering coming from behind what appeared to be a secret door. I recognized a gate spell and decided that we should prepare ourselves on our end as well. We burst through the door, seeing an evil-looking Dorf as well as a Balor lord! (The dwarf was the notorious Staunton Vhane, Traitor of the Fifth Crusade, who had now been raised as a graveknight. -GM) 

The Dorf was putting up a bit of a fight, but our godly enemy had forgotten to bless his wicked champion! Without the power of his liege behind him, the balor lord fell to sleep before me with a simple wave of my hand. Nunya, in her haste, rushed forward to finish the job.

“You fool!” I cried, “You’ve forgotten about his death throes!” Yet it was too late. An explosion blossomed from the corpse, singeing those around it, but then it pulled back upon itself, sucking us towards a gaping rip in space. Nunya lost her grip briefly, but Beckles was able to reach out at the last second and save him! Harold too slipped, and as he flew towards the rift he reached for Beckles’ hand, brushing it, almost grabbing it…before he was transported to another plane. I cackled maniacally all the while, driven to hysteria by the madness that surrounded me.

-Sigarda (Zack)


Pinacra, Death’s Blade, Liberator of the Arctic Boreal Expanse, dwarven cavalier 9/mammoth rider 8 (guardian)
Barca, merfolk conjurer 17 (archmage)
Beckles strix brawler 17 (champion)
The Incredible Fella, human ranger 6 / diviner wizard 1 / arcane archer 3 / slayer 8 (champion)
Nunya, gnome spirit-guide oracle 19 (hierophant)
Sigarda, ratfolk witch 18 (archmage)

9 mythic tiers

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