Wrath of the Righteous #52: What Was Once a Beautiful Forest

04 Jul

In a missing chapter of our mythic heroes’ journey, the party returned from the Abyss and met Sir Harold, the new herald of Iomedae. Three weeks later, the demons launched their greatest assault yet, sending their three largest armies after the heroes and the citadel-city of Drezen. (-GM)

10th day of Arodus, 4728 AR


I gazed at the army from the top of a collapsed mountain. Hundreds of treants had marched from their homeland to do battle with the forces of good. They were corrupted beyond return, and burning them was the only way to stop the destruction of Drezen. I told myself this as the wizards and I rained storms of fire upon them, but I didn’t believe it.

How could an aspect of nature be evil? Shouldn’t we work to cleanse the demonic taint inside them, rather than kill the innocent creatures whose only crime was to exist in the den of those we call “enemy”? What would the world be like if we chose to solve conflicts with kindness and compassion rather than wanton slaughter? Yet the fact remained that we lived in a world of mistrust and violence, where any sign of weakness would be exploited without mercy. So I fought along with all the others, and hoped that the smoke from my fires would obscure my tears.

A treant and four stone demons teleported onto the high ground to attack us. I recognized the treant as Carrock, the druid that I had once called brother. While I had fled our forest when the Worldwound enveloped it, Carrock stayed and was consumed by the taint. He fought us with as much intensity and passion as the demons. I don’t even think he recognized me. We killed him, killed the stone demons, and killed most of the other treants, but we could not kill my sorrow.

Eventually the treants fled in terror, knowing that if they continued to march they would face an entire city of us. We returned to Drezen in triumph, but they returned to their forest with our faces seared into their memory. The people of Drezen thought the monsters were vanquished, but to the treants, we were the monsters.

We still needed to think of a plan to deal with the two other armies, and decided to tie up a few loose ends at the Ineluctable Prison while we were thinking. We went back to Alderpash’s library, found that he had regenerated, and overtook him as easily as we had last time. We told the runelord that we could easily end his unlife forever, and to tell us the location of his treasure on Golarion if he treasured his existence.

Alderpash thought for a second, then a wicked grin appeared on his face.

“I have several vaults of treasure,” said he. “One lies in the Kodar Mountains. Give me two diamonds from there and I will tell you the location of another in a year.”

We teleported to the location he described, an ancient city in the cold Varisian mountains. It looked as if a group of adventurers had already been here, although they hadn’t stopped to loot everything. They must have been too busy saving the world or something. We entered a chamber filled with gold and an enormous blue dragon. After slaying it we looted “Alderpash’s” treasure. He took his diamonds, and we went on our merry way.

-Nunya (Nate)


Arackthos, Liberator of the Arctic Boreal Expanse, dwarven cavalier 9/mammoth rider 8 (guardian)
Barca, merfolk conjurer 17 (archmage)
Beckles strix brawler 17 (champion)
The Incredible Fella, human ranger 6 / diviner wizard 1 / arcane archer 3 / slayer 8 (champion)
Nunya, gnome spirit-guide oracle 19 (hierophant)
Sigarda, ratfolk witch 18 (archmage)

9 mythic tiers

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