Crafting Magic Items in D&D in the Guild

14 Mar

Here are our working rules for crafting magic items for D&D characters in The Guild:

  • Only spellcasters can craft magic items. (This is as per the Dungeon Master’s Guide p. 128.) However, you can recruit the assistance of another active D&D character.
  • CRAFTING DURING CHARACTER CREATION: Your character could have crafted magic items before joining The Guild. Your character must have sufficient gold and sufficient levels to craft the item of sufficient rarity. From the DMG p. 129: Common – 3rd level + 100gp, Uncommon – 3rd level + 500gp, Rare – 6th level + 5,000gp, Very rare – 11th level + 50,000gp, Legendary – 17th level + 500,000gp. These items can only brought into adventures by this character (i.e., they cannot craft for other characters). You must finish choosing your class levels, feats, etc. before crafting.
  • CRAFTING AFTER CHARACTER CREATION: This takes real-world time! The number of real-world days that must pass after completing the first Challenge equals ONE-TENTH the number of days the item required to craft the item under the official rules. Refer to values above — each item takes X / 25gp days to craft under the D&D rules. So for a Common and Uncommon item each take 1 real-world day. An uncommon item takes 2 real-world days. A rare item takes 20 real-world days. And a very rare item takes 200 real-world days. You can combine the labor of more than one current active spell-casting character. There is no limit on the value of crafting magic items after your character has been created.

They are being added to the Guild Charter.


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