Wrath of the Righteous #29: An Abandoned Shrine

17 Jul

In a missing chapter to our tale, our heroes succeeded at closing the rift to the Abyss in the Midnight Fane and tried (and failed) to interrogate some demonic bebilith spiders. They now decide to pay a visit to the capital of the Midnight Isles, Alushinyrra, to investigate Nocticula’s alliance with the demon lords behind the Worldwound. Jex narrates. (-GM)

17th day of Sarenith, 4728 AR

Seraptis demon

“Why can’t we just walk,” I thought as we plane-shifted for what felt like the 100th time. We arrived in a strange looking part of the abyss, and after a little bit of confusion, we made our way toward the Midnight Isles’ capital, Alushinyrra, to a large broken-down tower. On entering, we saw many statues that were identified to be depicting Nocticula, that evil demoness. After a brief discussion about what we were going to do the Incredible Fella fired at us, while a bunch of shadows emerged. We quickly took down The Incredible Fella and started to deal with the shadows when a four-armed woman with a snake tail crawled through the entrance (a seraptis demon -GM). We immediately targeted her and took her down quickly.

Then it was investigation time. We looked at the statues trying to find out what they meant. On the far left was a statue showing Nocticula with her arms and wings wrapped around her with the words “In the darkness our lady is unseen yet not unknown,” so we put a blindfold on it and red runes appeared on its wings. The second is when things got weird. The statue depicted Nocticula aiming a hand crossbow with the words “To know death at our Lady’s will is to become one with her world” So we, and by we I mean Beckles, decapitated the four-armed demon and started smearing blood all over the statue.

Eight of the same shadows emerged from the walls surrounding us. Beckles was touched all over and went comatose. I then channeled the power of Sarenrae and used my natural charm to whirlwind myself over to Beckles’ collapsed body. None of them were defeated, yet. They came at us and tried to literally pull out our strength from our bodies. We were fairly hurt but still going and eventually brought them all down. Beckles was healed up and we turned back to the statue.

My time talking grows to a close as Nunya kisses a statue.

-Jex (Enzo)

Nocticula as depicted in legend, harvesting a demon lord’s heart



Orog the Demon Butcher, half-orc fighter 12 (champion)
Jex, skittermander paladin 5 / whirling-dervish swashbuckler 7 (champion)
Beckles, strix brawler 13 (champion)
The Incredible Fella, human ranger 6 / diviner wizard 1 / arcane archer 5 (champion)
Dar-Ahud the Sandstorm, keleshite human geokineticist 12 (champion)
Nunya, gnome spirit-guide oracle 13 (hierophant)
Sigarda, ratfolk hagbound witch 7 / demoniac 5 (archmage)

5 mythic tiers

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