Rappan Athuk #79: Roast and Meteor Swarm My Ropers

06 Jul

After the redemption of Valestar Ekhart, the party did some exploring the Great Cavern in a missing chapter of tale, during which they committed giant ant genocide and fought some tar mephits. The party paused before a yawning cave mouth. The flame oracle Deckard Cain tells their story. (-GM)

20th day of Abadius, 4721 AR

When I rejoined the party I had no idea what they would be up to, and knowing them it was probably something very dangerous. As it turned out they were actually in a cave complex trying to snuff out whatever evil they detected there. Shia identified the the substance on the ground as Roper feces and that we should watch out for them as they looked much like the stalactites around us. We walked into another cave and were greeted by two tentacles aimed at our frontliners. They latched onto party members and tried to sap their energy. The once-again paladin Valestar pulled out his sword and sliced the tentacles off of him and his mount. DFSIFA then promptly filled one of the ropers visible to us full of arrows. The other one was burnt to a crisp by my hand and then pounded into the ground by Kung Fury.

We then continued through the cave, and eventually we stumbled upon a larger cavern. Naturally it was full of ropers, so as soon as we ran in dozens of tentacles shot at Valestar and Perseus. They both fell, all of their strength drained by the ropers’ magic. The rest of the party frantically looked around for the source of these tendrils. Shia, Kung Fury, DFSIFA and I faced around 15 or more of these foes. Luckily we overcame our shock quickly, and while the ropers were distracted by drawing out the last reserves of Perseus’s energy, we got the jump on them. Kung Fury charged 3 of the beasts and became a flurry of fists and elbows knocking down 2 ropers using his incredible dexterity.

The fight continued with spells blasting through the cavern, arrows flying through the air, giving off a fiery light from their enchantment. The place echoed with the shouting of Shia as he waved his banner through the air, and the solid smacks made when one of Fury’s punches connect with his target. But there were still too many foes left. Knowing what had to be done, I pulled my magic rod from my back and activated it.

Immediately, 4 meteors sprang from the air and slammed down on the ropers, exploding in a blaze of fire and rubble, charring almost all of the ropers and crushing them, too. For DFSIFA and Kung Fury, cleaning up the rest of the enemies was a simple task as they wiped out the remaining roper infestation.

We turned our attention to Valestar and Perseus and getting their strength back. When we did this, we decided it would be best to return to the capital and rest ourselves after that battle.

The party browsed the shop, and Shia supplied funds for whoever needed it, but most items were miscellaneous ones that were of no use to us.

We saw what looked to be a three-headed undead chimera. ..

We returned to the dungeon and continued to explore. Down one passage, Valestar had a foreboding sense of evil, so naturally we went that way. We entered the chamber and found  a group of zombies. They seemed to be en masse, and we used a few fireballs and arrows to remove them. We continued down an abnormally narrow passage that Perseus could barely fit in.

When we got to the next sinkhole Valestar saw what looked to be a three-headed undead chimera. This proved to be a strong adversary but, like all enemies we ever faced, it met its end by our doing. It carried 4 incense of meditation which, when I drink, makes my spells more powerful for a day.

We explored a passage, and saw another group of zombies converge on us so we took them out. We explored passages for a while, fighting off zombies whenever we came across them. Eventually we got tired and decided to take a break, and during that time we stopped to eat and I began writing this excerpt.

Looks like we are moving out again, that’s all for now.

Signing off,
Deckard Cain (Aidan)


Death from Somewhere Irrelevantly Far Away, tiefling slayer 16
Deckard Cain, aasimar flame oracle 15
Kung Fury, sylph martial artist monk 16
Madrik the Spell Thief, sylph wizard 16
Shia Labeouf, merfolk bard 10 / pathfinder chronicler 5
Valestar Ekhart, aasimar paladin 17

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