Wrath of the Righteous #27: Those Damn Demons

03 Jul

We last left our heroes as they were fighting their way into the Midnight Fane, to close a gate to the Abyss. The brawler Beckles continues their tale. (-GM)

17th day of Sarenith, 4728 AR

Nunya wanted to figure out what the weird machines and beakers all did, so The Incredible Fella and I took a quick nap.

We were in some evil demon lab place, and I couldn’t care less about all the weird machines and bubbling beakers. Nunya wanted to figure out what they all did, so The Incredible Fella and I took a quick nap. Unfortunately, something loud awoke us, and I saw a group of burly looking monstrosities. They didn’t look particularly tough, so I ignored Nunya’s explanation of their native habitat and genus and decided to find out the easy way if they were a real threat.

One of them looked tougher than the rest, so I flew over to him and punched him a few times. I didn’t think I had hit him that hard, but he fell over and didn’t look like he was gonna get up. I threw him an ice pack and beat up the next one. They quickly proved to be about as combat-ready as a toddler, and The Incredible Fella’s good bow skills and me beating them senseless ended the fight quickly.

While we had been fighting however, Nunya had been working on figuring out what was in the lab. She pointed out a few bottles of alchemist’s fire and some liquid ice. I was a little confused. I have never had a formal education, but isn’t liquid ice just water? I asked Nunya about this, and she launched into a lengthy explanation of the alchemical process to make it, and how it is a remarkable substance that freezes quickly in contact with air. I grabbed a bottle just in case, and went to look for some real loot.

A Lamia Matriarch appeared, along with 7 copies moving in sync with her.

Nunya called us all to a massive machine that was grinding stone into a fine powder. It was clearly magical, and behind it was a wall of purple fire. I realized that this was the portal we had been looking for, and Queen Galfrey told us we needed to go through to cast the spell to close it.

Before we could do anything however, i heard someone mumble something and a chain of lighting bolts ripped through us. A Lamia Matriarch appeared, along with 7 copies moving in sync with her. I cursed, as I hate the smell of burning flesh and feathers. I flew towards her and tried to punch her, but I only ended up destroying a bunch of the copies. She cast another chain lightning and The Incredible Fella fell and didn’t get up. Nunya ran over and cast some powerful healing spell, and she opened his eyes, looking like he had just died for a second.

I already did not like this weird snake lady, and so I kept punching her. I finally landed a few heavy blows, and she looked like I had beaten her to within an inch of her life. Of course, she then disappeared, and we got hit with some more lightning. She appeared about 10 feet away, and so I hopped over to her and punched her lights out. I hit an image though, and she smiled at me, laughing.

I was really mad now, and Barca, our wizard, blasted a writhing mass of shadow at her. It missed by a mile and wrapped itself around a light fixture, crushing it. The Incredible Fella shot a volley of arrows at her, and hit only images. Luckily for me, there were no longer any images protecting her. I flew towards her and punched her face in. She fell, and like the tough guy earlier, did not show any signs of getting up anytime soon.

We heard a roaring noise, and a Nalfeshnee demon hopped out of the portal…

Nunya healed everyone, and then told us we needed to destroy the machine. I punched it really hard for about a minute, and it stopped making noise. Queen Galfrey then told us the longer we were there, the greater the chance demonic reinforcements could arrive. We went through the portal, and arrived in a cave full of purple crystals. Barca placed the copper plate from the Lexicon of Paradox on the surface of the portal, and electricity started arcing around the cavern. We heard a roaring noise, and a Nalfeshnee demon hopped out of the portal.

Personally, I think they are some of the silliest looking demons around, with their tiny little wings and fat pig face. This one looked like it meant business though, and it cast a spell on us, slowing Nunya down, and clawing at me and missing. I punched him, but he dodged me and my fist smashed a crystal. It hurt, and I was dazed for a minute or so. I remember Jex clambering up my leg and leaping from my arm to stab the Nalfeshnee. It tried to hit me again, missed, and I saw an opportunity, and took it, delivering a nice jab right between the ribs. The Incredible Fella shot a bunch of arrows at it, but they all missed or bounced off its hard skin. I shook off my grogginess and delivered it a nice heavy right hook to the face, and the foul smelling demon groaned and passed out. I flew down and made sure it really was dead by way of a few throat punches, and then Nunya healed us all. Barca, still holding the page, cast a spell, and then the portal shrieked and turned to a wall of stone.

Now we are sitting in the Abyss, and debating whether to fight our way out or not. That’s all for now though.

-Beckles (Marco)



Orog the Demon Butcher, half-orc fighter 12 (champion)
Jex, skittermander paladin 5 / whirling-dervish swashbuckler 7 (champion)
Beckles, strix brawler 12 (champion)
The Incredible Fella, human ranger 6 / diviner wizard 1 / arcane archer 5 (champion)
Dar-Ahud the Sandstorm, keleshite human geokineticist 12 (champion)
Nunya, gnome spirit-guide oracle 12 (hierophant)
Sigarda, ratfolk hagbound witch 7 / demoniac 5 (archmage)

5 mythic tiers

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