Dead Suns #13: Devour Machine Broke

09 Mar

The party explores an… empty hideout of the Cult of the Devourer. The party muscle/vesk narrates. (-GM)

23rd Day of Lamashan, 317 AG

We emerged into a big dark room with a computer in the center, as well as a ghast that had been cut up into cubes. Chappie decided to hack the machine, and while many of us helped him, I was unable to participate due to my thick fingers. The computer was some sort of settings board, with buttons that switched “Temperature,” “Pressure”, “Lights,” and “Big Scary Devour Machine” on and off. After turning on Lights so we could see the room, I suggested we turn off the Big Scary Devour Machine, but was informed that decision-making was to be left in hands with sleeker digits than mine.

There was a door in the wall, so I decided to open it. As I was walking, a big laser blasted me and started sliding around the room. This was the Big Scary Devour Machine? I was unimpressed; it was barely a Medium Scary Devour Machine. XI and the others broke it easily, and the devastator-impersonator fizzled into nothing. I continued to the door and opened it, determined to not let the puny heat skewer obstruct me.

The door opened to a big U-shaped hallway with a bunch of other doors. We went to the door at the far right, and found some living quarters. The next room had three robots, which we dispatched. There was some inferior light armor, which my companions fawned upon while I knew not to stray from the true armor. One of the dressers was actually a fire trap, and after we triggered it we found some unlooted loot, like an electrostatic field which I got. Also among the loot were some necrografts and a datapad with a video of a verthani mentoring some gnome. They were singing some song that contained the phrase “Nyara knows.”

There were some more rooms, and then a room where a lizard creeped up on us and attacked. It’s eyes were made of some weird smoke. I suddenly felt confused, as if I had just been shot in the head. Did I catch whatever this thing was high on? I hit myself?

I was once again confronted by those really confusing eyes…

 The creature barrelled through me, and I was knocked out. I heard the voices of my ancestors calling me. “Your time is up,” they said. “Come and visit your family.” It was compelling, but I resisted with all of my willpower and got back up. I charged the lizard and scored a hit on its tail, but was soon knocked out again. My ancestors were like, “Back so soon, great-grandson? Did you forget your keys or something?” I gave 110% of my willpower to not die, and got up a second time. I was once again confronted by those really confusing eyes. I tried to resist but my willpower was at -10% from telling my ancestors that I appreciate their hospitality but I really must be going. Blb. Turble. Gloppepoppellpopop.

Thrrhioiodsccvnenossodiodribhghfgfpvorroodenenaaddfalpp. Chappie summoned a fury of electricity, but accidentally let it out on Hector. Yytifffsswewddedevcdefeefefefdeefrfffhreiuewushutuppaulrefgreggerrevevllll. Chappie finally conducted the blast on the lizard, and it collapsed in a confusing heap.

Nyara knows!

The final room was one giant computer with vast amounts of data that we could fit on our flash drive. There was more stuff about Nyara, an elf that wrote some Devourer philosophy book, and Tahomen’s commentary about a weapon, supposedly the Big Scary Devour Machine we encountered earlier. Highlighted was a Nyara quote: “In the maw of the Twelve lies the key. Forsooth shall all be undone. When the knee meets the gorge so far. The widening gyre implodes magnificently.”

Unfortunately, there was no info on where to go next. Guess I’ll leave that to the thin-fingers. 

Signing off,


XI, android mechanic 6
Chappie, android technomancer 5
Chee Kee, ysoki operative 5
Hector Hottie, halfling envoy 6
Tequila, android soldier 6
Nikolai, vesk soldier 6

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