Dead Suns #2: The Enemy Within

29 Sep

The feud between Paul and Nate is eternal and all-encompassing, spanning all time and space. The vesk soldier, Nikolai, bearing the universe’s best armor (for a Level 1 character), continues the party’s tale. (-GM)

8th Day of Rova, 317 AG

Chiskisk of the Starfinder Society

As the heat of battle died down, I sought the other brave souls who stood against the attackers. They were respectable people, except for an android who called himself Tequila. Whoever designed him must have had a cruel sense of humor, for this machine was riddled with defects. He burst into tears at the slightest misfortune, and sang with a discordant whine at the top of his lungs whenever someone mentioned his bulky weapon case. I took pity on the pathetic robot, and decided that he deserved more than the deplorable excuse for a name bestowed upon him by his sadistic creators. I shall refer to him hereafter as Paul.

As the others approached the body of the Starfinder dwarf who had been unlucky enough to receive a laser shot to the head (He had a name! Duravor Kreel. –GM), I spoke with a member of the law enforcement investigating the scene.

“Do you happen to know the whereabouts of a certain criminal? He originates from my homeland and I believe he has escaped into this station. He is known only as the Ranged Sneak Build.”

“We have a lot of ranged sneak builds here in Absalom.” replied the official.

“He’s not just any ranged sneak build. He’s the Ranged Sneak Build.”

“Huh. Well, you’d have to talk with one of the higher-ups, I don’t keep track of things like that.”

We approached the body of the Starfinder dwarf who had been unlucky enough to receive a laser shot to the head. He had an electronic journal on his person, and on one of the entries our names were mentioned, even Paul’s. I immediately knew something was afoot, as only under the most desperate circumstances would anyone seek to interact with Paul. The name “Chiskisk” was also mentioned, along with the address to a Starfinder Society dwelling. It was there we went next, seeking answers to these strange occurrences, and to our great anguish, Paul followed us.

As we entered the lobby, Paul started playing his trombone and was promptly sent outside. The rest of us found Chiskisk in a small office. The shirren informed us via thought that the provocateurs of the attack were two gangs, the Downside Kings and the Level 21 Crew. Both groups had gone outside of where they normally operate. I speculated that a higher power was involved, carrying out hidden agendas under cover of a simple gang conflict.

“That’s totally out of character!” yelled Paul from outside. I could barely glimpse his misshapen form from the window, still in tears from his rejection at the lobby. “Your character would never say that!” I closed the blinds. Paul was the only “character” in the vicinity.

“You raise an interesting point.” thought Chiskisk. “Your first assignment is to find out.” The shirren gave us 200 credits each for the job and promised to look into the whereabouts of the Ranged Sneak Build.

The party’s investigations lead them downward, into the Station’s “Spike.”

Our first stop was Absalom Station’s law enforcement. There we met an honorable vesk Warden who I notified about the Ranged Sneak Build and who told us that the Downside Kings wore a crown symbol. Next we went to a store where we spent some of the credits Chiskisk gave us, including some costly, dispensable, and essentially useless ammunition for Paul and a traditional doshko for me. After that it was time to seek the Downside Kings.

Chappy, the technomancer, searched on the infosphere and found that the Downside Kings, like most gangs, dwelt in what was known as the Spike, the lower levels of Absalom Station. We went to a tavern there to glean more information. Paul sauntered up to the bartender with all the grace of a diabetic toad and shouted “Hey, can I have some free water?”

Many in the tavern laughed. “Look who’s from the Eye.” said a ysoki. He filled a cup with saliva from his cheek pouches and said, “Here, have some ‘water’.” Paul downed the glass without a second thought. There was a television on the wall tuned to the news. Apparently a starship arrived at Absalom Station from a trip exploring different asteroids in pristine condition but with its entire crew missing. The group that owned the ship and the company that sent it on the mission were in a dispute about who should assume control of the vessel, called the Acreon.

Hector Hottie engaged in small talk with the bartender and found that a tavern known as The Fusion Queen was a front for the Downside Kings’ drug operations, and that the company desiring the strange starship had connections to the gang. We found the bar easily, as “The Fusion Queen” was emblazoned in neon on the building.

The Fusion Queen

There was a long line to get in, and two guards were checking people for weapons. After long deliberations and Paul loudly bragging about his trombone case that obviously housed his wasteful weapon, we decided to use Chee Kee’s drone to plop the weapons in a trash can. Despite my comrades’ numerous attempts at infiltration, all we learned there was that an outsider named Ferani had recently assumed control of the gang.

After a visit to a labor union called the Hardscrabble Collective and some deliberations on moral issues, we decided to assault the gang base. We waited until just after closing time to enter. Chee Kee quietly removed the hinges from the entrance and we quickly entered before the few lagging customers could notice us.

The first room was occupied by three humans and one vesk playing cards. I engaged a human in melee while my comrades used their lasers to take out the others. In the next room there were 5 gang members, and one had a grenade ready to be thrown at us. Ferani stood on the far side of the room with a semi-automatic pistol ready. Chappy blasted the grenadier with magic, and we quickly chopped the others aside to get to their leader. For an instant, Ferani seemed strangely mechanical, and fired at me with uncanny accuracy. I was able to deflect those bullets, but not the laser fire that came at me from behind. As I promptly took care of the burns, Chee Kee finished Ferani off.

Ferani Nadaz of the Downside Kings

The one remaining gang member shouted “Stop! I surrender!” An honorable man, to admit defeat. The burns he had received from our lasers knocked him out before we could reply.

We found several valuables in the closet of this room, however none of the items explained the mysterious happenings here. Perhaps we could interrogate her later, but I suspected she was but a pawn in this strange scheme.

We looked around for Paul. He had spent the entire battle fumbling with his weapon case. As we approached, he finally extracted his bulky weapon and grinned like a toddler using a toilet for the first time. He then shot himself in the foot.

Signing off,
Nikolai (Nate)


XI, android mechanic 1
Chappy, android technomancer 1
Chee Kee, ysoki operative 1
Hector Hottie, halfling envoy 1
Tequila, android soldier 1

Nikolai, vesk soldier 1

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