Stoneheart Dungeon #7: Kingmaker!

11 Aug

The party took a reprieve from their mission and the Orcus cultists and decided to open a casino in Taverlan. But as the saying goes: you can take the party out of the dungeon, but you can’t take the dungeon out of the party… (-GM)

14th day of Arodus, 4717 AR

One of Meme’s minions

Hello, I am Isaac, a ratfolk. I’m Isaax’s distant cousin. I have been recently traveling around when I spotted a town called Taverlan. As I entered town, I saw a fire and dead bodies. I realized that Isaax was one of them. I also smelled the distinct smell that I hadn’t smelled for 2 years. It was the smell of a sauna! Additionally, I only saw 2 people, a priest of good, and a priest of bad, I later learned was named Meme. Then I asked how this all happened. Meme handed me a piece of paper from Isaax’s bag and said she will fill in the missing parts.

It went like this;

Entry 333: Wow, what a day after traveling back to town and meeting Boominator the Beautiful (a goblin and sister of the late Groominator the Great -GM), we decided to creating a casino. Wow, that’s an unlikely turn of events. At least, after a year, we might have enough to buy a magic item. In the process, we had to get a loan. Meme tried hitting on the bank person, but we got a loan anyway.

Entry 334: It’s been a few weeks since the last post. It’s opening day and there are lines of people waiting to go in to the spa. There were so many people that some didn’t get in before we closed. We came up with a plan. It’s a spa pass. 1.5 gp for 3 times a week for 3 months.

Entry 335: It’s been around a month since the last post and a lot has happened! We saw a guy who was attempting to act drunk. It was suspicious but we still treated him with hospitality. I did take note of it though. Also, Meme and her boyfriend have been going on some dates, and trust me, you do not want to see the scenes. I’ll leave the subject at that.

Sadly, this was Isaax’s last post.

The party’s new casino!

Meme filled me in from here,

“One night, we were cleaning up when we saw 4 cultist priests and 3 or 4 skeletons knocking on the door. I went to the vault where I kept my skeletons and ran to the battle. It was looking OK at first, Isaax dropping burning hands, and fire rays and my skeletons duking it out. It went downhill from there. First, some more cultists attacked through our back door into the kitchen and started burning it, and the cultists killed Isaax, The WANDerer, and Eagle One. Boominator was so beat up she had to retreat, and the town guard were getting knocked out too. This was all due to their evil channel divinity.

“Then, I was all that there was left. Thinking quickly, I took control of some of their skeletons using my control undead and that made the evil priests try and take them back, which bought time. During that time, I used death’s kiss on myself, which means that when they use channel divinity on me, it doesn’t do damage. During the time I bought, a priest of a temple came to help me. We eventually won, but not before the priest realized I was an evil priest, and she told the town. Then you came.”



Boominator the Beautiful, goblin underground-chemist rogue 4
Fabrizio Moretti, tiefling alchemist 4
Isaac, ratfolk arcanist 4
Meme, aasimar cleric of Urgathoa 4

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