Slumbering Tsar #11: Ghosts

05 Aug

The party encounters shades from the past in the wall-fortress of Tsar. -GM

10th day of Sarenith, 4717 AR

“Well look here, another group of dead adventurers. Or, if you aren’t yet, then soon to be dead.”

The screams of the dead filled of the air as they drifted into the room. The party was struggling; even Nonek had broken a sweat. We were tired, wounded, and outnumbered. Hope seemed fleeting, and for a moment I thought all was lost. But then, Neptune raised his rail gun, shaking in his weary hands. The weapon slowly panned towards the wraith, before exploding in a tidal-wave of light and sound. The monstrosity was blown into oblivion by the barrage of debris. And, like a spark catching, visions of victory sprung up before us. Nirot raised his voice into a cry of battle and plunged into the fray. Jackie Sparrow was like a darting viper, exploiting weaknesses and taking out foes at the perfect moment. The foes tried to surround Nonek, but he simply laughed as blow after blow glanced off his armor.  All the while I stood behind them, manipulating the world to better suit our needs. We were glorious in our sheer power, and the undead could not hope to compete.

From there we retreated, needing to regather ourselves and regain what energy we had spent. Soon, we were back within the keep. Down into the tower we went, looking for clues in order to solve the mystery that is Tsar. We eventually came upon some barracks, which may have been built for the more expendable soldiers of the city. The party opened the lockers in search of anything that could be of value or use, but sadly we didn’t find much. However, the next floor down was another story. Chained to the wall was a spectral man, bound by manacles as dead as he. It seemed that he had lost all belief in escape long ago. He slowly pulled up his head to gaze at us. “Well look here, another group of dead adventurers. Or, if you aren’t yet, then soon to be dead.” He soon dissolved into incoherent ramblings, but not before telling us that the only way to set him free would be to burn his body deep below.

Deeper, deeper still we went. The light was far above us now, and our torches provided only a meager flame that did little to abate the carnal fear of the dark that lingers within us all. Eventually it was impossible to see at all, even with our bright flames. Sensing a trap, I cast true sight on Neptune. What he saw shocked us all: There before us were some invisible bone-men! However, unlike regular bone-men, these ones did not have skin, so could be considered as only-bone-men. Not only that, they were also hidden and hostile, thus one could call them invisible-evil-only-bone-no-skin-men, or ieobnsm for short. The Ieobnsm advanced on us, the e in their name quite apparent at this time. But, we had no time to waste coming up with acronyms as the Ieobnsm came ever closer. In order to defeat them, Nonek distracted them, I pinned them down, and Jackie+Neptune attacked with precision and deadly efficiency. In no time at all,  The Dieobnsm (Dead-evil-only-bone-no-skin-men) were, as the name implies, dead.

Finally, after what seemed like months, we reached the main fortress. In front of us was a door with an obvious trap rigged above. Unlike previous traps, which were inescapable and all-consuming, this one was manageable and dismantled by Neptune in no time. After all that waiting, the true city lay before us. But, in a cruel twist of fate, we were attacked as soon as we opened the doors. A group of spectres, known as a spectacle, began hostilities with us. Our attempts at peaceful resolution were met with resounding and final denial. In light of this, the battle commenced. Nonek was touched and instantly almost died, which is a sentence you don’t find yourself saying often. His shriek reminded me of a tortoise for some odd reason. Neptune was also heavily injured, leading to the fight being in the hand of Jackie and me. I stopped time in order to slow the fiends to a crawl, and protected us with a wall of force. Jackie and Nirot took them down one by one from there, using a combination of blade and bird. Overall, Mission accomplished.

-Dio (Zack)


Dio, elven diviner 12
Jackie Sparrow, hobgoblin swashbuckler 12
Khithni, undine beast-master ranger 12
Neptune, undine techslinger 12
Nirot, undine hunter 12
Nonek, human armor-master fighter 12

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