Stoneheart Dungeon #6: Packed Away

01 Aug

Groominator the Great was a talented goblin who danced circles around foes to protect his friends. He unfortunately says his last words in today’s writeup. *sniff* (-GM)

26th day of Sarenith, 4717 AR

Groominator the Great

We were about 24 miles out from town and we were going towards the place where we think the Stoneheart Dungeon was. But as soon as we had moved about a mile to the northwest, we found a camp of orcs. There were a few tents with about 12 orcs in the tents. I, Groominator, went over and stealthed alongside the zen archer Eagle One. We hid behind a rock, and I jumped out to hit the orcs. I hit one right in the face and almost knocked him out, then again, and he was dead. Then, Eagle One shot at the next one, and hit it almost out.

But now it was their turn to act. The ones around me surrounded me and hit me for only 6 damage. Then the other 9 orcs rushed out of their tents at the other party members. Our undead lord, Meme, roused all of her army and attacked. Two of them were gone in a flash as a skirmishing of blows led to an all-out battle. The WANDerer cast enlarge person on the eidolon, all of the horses attacked two of them knocking them out, and the horde of skeletons hit a bunch down.

As that battle was going on, however, the zen archer and I were having a little battle ourselves. I hit one of them, then Eagle One finished it off, then the next one would hit me, and soon enough, they were all dead.

The huge battle had turned out pretty much the same, but it only took 2 rounds for the party to kill all of the orcs. Graciously afterward, Meme animated 2 of the orc skeletons, and we were on our way after some major healing from The WANDerer.

We had just gone about 5 miles from where we were when we found an entrance to the forest. It was an abrupt change, with almost a line in between the forest and the foothills. We were hesitant, but we went into the dark forest. But nevertheless, we found a clearing, where guess what, more monsters.

This time there were 8 ghouls and one ghast. Knowing me, I sneak attacked one of them from the side, stealthing all of the way up. I hit it with a puncturing blow and chopped off one of its arms. Now it was their turn to act. One of them hit me, and paralyzed me, so that I could not move. Now, my pony came to the rescue, knocking one of them out and hitting it to the ground. Then The WANDerer’s eidolon Febreze ran up to attack while the rest of the party fought the other 6 ghouls. They had a pretty normal battle, but Isaax was also paralyzed and we had to heal him from that.

But back to Groominator the Great. Febreze came to help me before I could be eaten by the ghast. But when he got there the ghast had already started eating me.


I wasn’t alive but my ghost told me what happened. 4 of the ghouls stayed behind and almost killed some people. I remember that some people got down to like 8 or something crazy. After the battle, the undead lord took me and put me in the saddlebag.

We will return next time with a new installation of Stoneheart Dungeon.

To be continued……

-Groominator the Great (Simon)


Eagle One, vanaran zen-archer monk 4
Fabrizio Moretti, tiefling alchemist 4
Isaax, catfolk arcanist 4
Meme, aasimar cleric of Urgathoa 4
The WANDerer, half-elven summoner 4

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