Slumbering Tsar #9: Drain the Swamp!

20 Jul

In a missing chapter of our tale, the party entered the tower on top of the central fortress and fought an iron devil and a mechanical construct wearing a human’s skin but with an array of flensing blades in its chest. They also found a statue with an overwhelming magical aura… an artifact? (More on that later.) -GM

6th day of Sarenith, 4717 AR

There was another hideous mummy standing unnervingly still next to the entrance…

Destroying the iron devil and machine had taken a considerable amount of our strength. We were too tired to charge the central guard tower and vanquish the sinister creator of all these nonliving guards, but we weren’t tired enough to go back to the camp and rest. After some thought, we decided to explore a presumably less dangerous entrance to the city: the sunken, swampy northeast gate.

There were two immense towers guarding the oxidized gate. One seemed to be mostly intact, but the other had fallen halfway into the bog. It looked as if whatever made the area sink didn’t happen until after Tsar’s citizens made the place perfectly suited to a flat, dry climate. A pool of swampy water separated us from the northern tower, but luckily there was a functioning boat on the shore. It looked more like a weird triangle than a boat, but we knew it was a boat because it was labeled as such, in large capital letters.

As we boarded the small vessel, we noticed several lights hovering above the pool. I threw a rock at one of them to show the insignificant photons that they were no match for us. The light flew toward me and exploded. How rude. I would have given the remaining lights a lesson on etiquette if a bunch of hideous mud mummies hadn’t ambushed us.

Everyone was paralyzed with horror except for Nirot’s brave roc, who started grasping the creatures with its sharp talons and dropping them onto damaging drop spots. One of the mummies boarded our triangular boat and attacked me, and hit my armor a few times before my paralysis broke. My icy sword proved very effective against its hide of used toilet paper, and it was soon dispatched. As the bird and I flushed out the remaining mummies, Jackie Sparrow battled a large brown blob that had unexpectedly creeped up on us in the bog.

Jackie was extremely drained after the fight, and Nirot had to use a good chunk of his magical reservoir to get her back to normal. There was another hideous mummy standing unnervingly still next to the entrance, and a few more of the abominations leapt at us as we approached, but they proved no harder to fight than their companions, and we soon wiped them off the map.

The tower crumbled with rubble. It looked like someone vomited breadcrumbs onto the floor. We were so focused on how disrepaired the tower was that we didn’t notice the non-mud mummy until it was too late. We all got paralyzed again, and after a long pause of doom we defeated the packaged horror and moved on to a room that was a bit more intact and dry than the others. After slaying an odd plant thing that resided there, we looted the place and discovered a paltry pile of silvers. It seemed we needed to go deeper to get any profit from this.

Signing off,


Dio, elven diviner 11
Cap’n Jackie Sparrow, hobgoblin swashbuckler 11
Khithni, undine beast-master ranger 11
Neptune, undine techslinger 11
Nirot, undine hunter 11
Nonek, human armor-master fighter 11

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