Rappan Athuk #48: Boxed In!

19 Jul

The party, undeterred, returns to confront The Master and his court. (-GM)

8th day of Lamashan, 4718 AR

Greetings, Travelers! You will find these lost documents if you continue on the way our party has walked before you. They will tell you about what are adventures were like and give a summary of the creatures we fought.

So now that I seem to be stuck in this box of force above the party, I may as well record with magic writing (to write very fast) about what has happened so far this second run in the Cavern of Lava. I am Deckard Cain, new to this party as of a month ago. I came in search of new revelations about my mystery type, fire. And when that Paladin Valestar (Who is sitting on his golden toilet right now) told me that the party was currently in a cavern filled with fire and lava, I had to agree to join them.

Anyway, after our first run with 2 deaths (Arthritic Slaver and Shia) and a dead companion (Arvnevurr), we teleported back to the house and resurrected Shia and Arthritic and waited for a new companion a month later. Shia crafted a Banner of Ancient Kings, which gives us morale boosts on our actions.

Everyone but Valestar teleported back in ready for a fight, facing the room of the last battle when I saw 10 or so regular salamanders behind us back in the cavern slithering around who had not yet noticed us somehow.

I sensed their Chaotic presence and fired an Arrow of Law at one of them with increased damage from my maximize ability, and the creature stopped in its tracks. DFSIFA fired 5 arrows and killed 2 of them and wounded another greatly. Nioveskirian charged at a group of 4 salamanders and knocked them aside like bowling pins. They quickly surrounded him and tried to attack him but their blades bounced off his armor doing nothing to harm him.  Two more salamanders grouped around Arthritic Slaver. He laughed and then swung his two whips (one medium, one large) at both of the salamanders who fell, too weak from his attack. I saw the opportunity and moved in between the 2 weakened salamanders and let out a low-level spell that disabled the salamanders, dazzling and damaging them down to almost nothing and leaving DFSIFA, Arthritic, and Nioveskirian to finish off the remaining ones.

9rot suddenly start to fly across the cavern, and then we saw another score of salamanders starting to swim through the lava from the bridge to our side of the cavern. DFSIFA fired arrow after arrow at them, but after a couple salamanders took a few arrows in the face they decided to swim under the lava the rest of the way. When they stuck their fiery heads out they regretted it. 9rot spewed 2 frost breaths granted by The Hero of No Name at them and DFSIFA went full Legolas on them and killed the weakened ones.

With the salamander foot soldiers gone, we pressed on back into the room from last month’s battle and we found two nobles wreathed in purple flame. (Oh God) I gave DFSIFA, Shia, and myself fire resistance and we went in and burst down the closest noble as fast as we could. I called down a maximized Holy Smite on the two nobles attempting to fry them with holy fire. After casting a silence spell around our spellcasters (including me), the first noble went down to an arrow from DFSIFA. The second saw his brother fall and ran away down the hall desperately trying to get away from our righteous fury. We fired many arrows, spells (after moving out of the silence spell) and whip strikes down the hall. Then Nioveskirian charged down the hall through 3 walls of fire that the nobles summoned and got to the noble. He just barely survived Nioveskirian’s attacks and ran around the corner and his comrades from the next room summoned 2 more fire walls!! But it didn’t matter, for I granted resistance to Arthritic and Nioveskirian before the next battle.

The Hero of No Name then summoned an Invisible stalker to scout ahead. In the next room, he said there were a lot of fiery enemies (it’s not that specific). Our original plan was to teleport into the back room and surprise the Salamanders, but there was a strange feeling in the room and Shia told us that the room was the target of an unhallow spell that denied us teleportation in or out so we had to change things up. The Hero of no Name gave DFSIFA and me Greater Invisibility to keep us hidden. We started our attack by Nioveskirian charging in as normal with the rest of the party right behind him.

In the room we then saw 6 Greater Fire Elementals, 4-5 normal Noble Salamanders, 2 Purple Wreathed Salamanders (one weakened from earlier but healed to about half his power), and of course the Master. We then realized that, when DFSIFA stuck his arm around the corner, the invisibility did not make him invisible! So much for those level 4 spells from The Hero of No Name. Anyway, DFSIFA drank a potion of fly and I called upon my Wings of Flame and took to the ceiling of the room which is about thirty feet up. We were still able to catch the Salamanders by surprise, so Shia started to yell, inspiring us and waving his banner. DFSIFA shot an arrow at the weaker Purple Wreathed salamander, knocking him back down to low health. I called upon the fury of the heavens on a group of 3 Elementals, 2 nobles, and the weakened purple wreathed Noble. It struck all of them, blinding all but the purple one.


Now it was the enemies’ turn to act but then the most amazing thing happened: all of the enemies hesitated, as if they could not believe we would’ve attacked them. But attacked them we did, Shia cast a powerful spell upon me and suddenly I was inspired to act, I cast 2 more holy smites in the time it would’ve taken to cast one (thanks to Shia). The first was placed on the same targets and vaporized all but the purple one. I targeted my second one around the Master hitting him, a full strength purple, 2 more nobles, and 2 more elementals, hurting all and blinding all but the Master and the purple Noble. DFSIFA fired arrow after arrow, killing many nobles and elementals alike. He had help from Arthritic Slaver who was swinging his 2 whips in vicious arcs killing more Salamander Nobles. The Hero of No Name summoned waves of beasts to clear out the room and activated a huge fire elemental to help out as well. Nioveskirian, attempting to carve a path to the Master while all of this was happening, succeeded in getting up close and personal with him.

The Master was stunned, seeing only 2 Nobles and 3 elementals remaining. He wove a great spell that created a cube of force around me and DFSIFA. Luckily DFSIFA got out of the way before it trapped him, but me? Not so lucky.

Anyway, now I’ll write in present tense recording what’s happening live. The elementals and a noble struck out at DFSIFA, seeing him as the greatest threat. He dodged some of the attacks, but not all, taking a good amount of damage. Now The Hero of No Name is summoning archon hounds and DFSIFA is killing all the elementals. Darn! There goes our elemental, taken out by a blow of one of his kin. Arthritic Slaver manages to kill one of the Nobles but there’s one still right under DFSIFA ready to strike. With the elementals gone, all that remains is the one noble and the Master. Nioveskirian boldly attacks the Master, summoning Arvnevurr to flank with him from behind. He manages to take a chunk out of the salamander’s health with assistance from DFSIFA, but the Master looks wounded but still very powerful. He shoots devastating chain lightning out of his hand injuring Nioveskirian, Arthritic, and greatly wounding DFSIFA. This is followed up by a spear thrust from the noble, and DFSIFA is knocked to very weak. I can see the pain on her face and know that she will not last long, and if DFSIFA goes down we will too. OOPS! The Hero of No Name should be teleporting in to teleport me back out any second now. That’s all for this entry, gotta go heal DFSIFA.

-Deckard Cain (Aidan)


Arthritic Slaver, half-orc fighter 11
Death from Somewhere Irrelevantly Far Away, tiefling slayer 12
Deckard Cain, aasimar oracle 11
The Hero of No Name, aasimar summoner 12
Nioveskirian, dwarven stonelord paladin 12
Shia Labeouf, merfolk bard 12
Valestar Ekhart, aasimar paladin 13

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