Rappan Athuk #47: Hot Damn!

14 Jul

The party faces its greatest challenge yet. (-GM)

9th day of Rova, 4718 AR

Here is a five-word summary of what was going on: Cavern. Lava. Hot. Hot. Hot. So hot that even Valestar declared that it was too hot for his holy bottom and went to sit on his golden toilet. He teleported back a few minutes later with an old man by his side. The old man introduced himself as Deckard Cain. We brought him up to date with everything that had been going on. It was so hot down there that even The Hero of No Name looked hot and that’s saying something cause that old guy never looks hot or cold or anything for that matter.

The party was kinda awkwardly sitting around on a bridge of gold when suddenly a SALAMANDER SLITHERED OUT!! Ok, so I know that does not sound very intimidating but these were pretty big salamanders and there were four of them. Two of them were larger and stronger, and two looked about what an average huge fiery salamander would look like. The more powerful salamanders of the group held themselves with an air of confidence like they were some kind of noble.

“Pffffft,” I scoffed. “Nobles in what? A salamander kingdom?” They did look dangerous though.

It was just before they showed up that we noticed an island in the lava lake. On the island were some glowing magical items: a rod, a sword, and some armor. Arthritic Slaver flew over there to pick them up but it was so hot he had to turn around and come back. A very distant gong sounded and that was when the salamanders came out. The noble ones summoned two walls of fire cutting them off from the rest of the party. This meant that only people who could fly could hurt them, and that consisted of 9rot (The Hero of No Name’s eidolon) and Arthritic Slaver. Suddenly Grandpa (Deckard Cain’s nickname) grew huge fiery wings and took to the skies… of the cavern. He rose 30 feet into the air so he could see over the walls of fire and raised his arms and started muttering like most crazy, old people do. But when Grandpa did it, huge beams of light shot out of the sky and vaporized the salamanders. The party stood in awe, looking up at this bearded, wrinkly, old force of savagery.

The items on the island were very powerful indeed. A set of armor that can resist fire and a sword that was very accurate and was fiery. The rod was by far the most powerful item of them all: once per day you could summon a barrage of meteors. Four of these fiery space rocks would come hurtling down and would explode on impact. Each of the noble salamanders had a valuable longspear.

At the far end of the cavern a tunnel branched off from the left wall. It was a small tunnel and after the party had walked in about 10 feet we stopped and told Arvnevurr to scout for us. The small room we had come to had two doors, one straight and one to the right. We went through the door to the right and there was a gong. I told the party that I had heard a gong sound just before the salamanders came out so we knew it was important. We cut the strings holding it up and set it on the floor.

By the time we got back, Arvnevurr still had not returned. At this point Nioveskirian was getting worried so he summoned Arvnevurr to his side. The gopher (or gopher-like creature) lay dead at his feet. We looked for signs of a struggle or a means of death but there were none. Which meant only one thing…  A DEATH EFFECT!!! Any monster that could cast slay living or any spell of that power or type is a powerful monster and a threat to the party. I immediately called dibs on the amulet of protection from evil and stuff because this amulet also made you immune to death effects so no matter would I would not be insta-killed. They would have to kill me the old way… with damage.

We heard them slithering up to the door straight ahead and we got prepared. First off, Grandpa gave us resistance to fire so their fireballs would not harm us as much. The Hero of No Name made me invisible so I could sneak attack them when they came out. Eidolons were summoned, people got in position, and we were ready.

We busted open the door only to find a wall of fire right behind it. We had heard a line of seven or so salamanders coming through the hallway so we immediately started bombarding the place like it was the 1942 bombing of London. After a few rounds of shooting blindly into the hallway, The Hero of No Name dispelled the wall so we could see our enemies. In front of us there were 7 noble salamanders, 3 of them with purple fire floating around them. Now I really, really love the color purple, but this kind of purple was so red. Wait what? Oh never mind.

One of the them screamed “HELP US MASTER!” And out the master came…

They looked far more powerful, and to prove that, the purple salamander cast slay living on the eidolon. The eidolon resisted, but just barely. After that slay living, 6 Fireballs were cast at the party hitting everybody. Without the protection from fire Grandpa gave us, we would all be burnt tuna (don’t even ask). We still took some damage, but after that we were able to kill all but 2 of the purple ones.

One of the them screamed “HELP US MASTER!” The whole party face-palmed. And out the master came. Just as he came round the bend at the end of the tunnel, a bolt of electricity fired out and jumped from one target to the next. It killed Shia and Arthritic Slaver and almost killed Nioveskirian. Shortly after he killed 9rot.

We were about to call it quits, when The Hero of No Name’s crash (the term for a group of rhinos) stampeded all over the salamanders’ faces. They did so much damage that the salamander king and his fellow nobles were forced to teleport out.

We picked up all the spears left on the battleground (each worth 9k gold) and teleported out ourselves.

Signing off while we count our treasure,

Want to talk? Got something to say? Well thats too bad I’m irrelevantly far away.


Arthritic Slaver, half-orc fighter 11
Death from Somewhere Irrelevantly Far Away, tiefling slayer 12
Deckard Cain, aasimar oracle 11
The Hero of No Name, aasimar summoner 12
Nioveskirian, dwarven stonelord paladin 12
Shia Labeouf, merfolk bard 12
Valestar Ekhart, aasimar paladin 13

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3 responses to “Rappan Athuk #47: Hot Damn!

  1. mmccoo171

    July 14, 2017 at 11:38 am

    Rip Shia and Arthritic Slaver. I can res if you guys want.


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