Stoneheart Dungeon #2: The Visitors

26 Jun

More people join our heroes as they try to reclaim shrines from evil worshipers of the demon lord Orcus, Prince of the Undead. The party’s monk, Eagle One, continues their tale. (-GM)

23rd day of Sarenith, 4717 AR

A priest of Orcus

It is me, Eagle One again. Today, while we are cleaning the temple, two new people show up: Isaax, an arcanist, and Fabrizio Moretti, an alchemist. They are helping us clean the temple, when we heard some magic being cast.

Groominator and I go out to investigate it, and we stealth in some bushes. Turns out, they cast darkness, so we can’t see anything. We have to wait for Hannibal to get there so he can cast daylight. Then, we realize that he has to cast daylight on an object he touches.

I come up with the brilliant idea of him touching my arrow. I shoot the arrow, and we can finally see them. They are three humanoids, wearing a lot of black clothes, chain mail armor, and they have steel shields. They will be tough to fight.

While Groominator sneaks around the back, Hannibal, Isaax, Fabrizio, and W go to fight them head-on. I, of course, stayed in the back, hoping to get some damage in with my bow. When it’s my turn to shoot, everybody is so close to the enemies that I can’t get a good shot. I try to and barely graze the target’s shoulder with my second arrow.

I decide that me being here is completely useless. Plus, these guys are tough; I’m sure they can handle themselves. I walk inside the shrine, to further investigate how to put together the head of Abadar’s statue.

Soon enough, everyone walks back in. I haven’t really accomplished much. W’s eidolon, Febreze, is nowhere to be seen. I’m told he got blinded. Then in walks Hannibal with the three people that attacked us. They are apparently Orcus’ followers.

Hannibal has something planned for him says, and, oh… no I just realized what he’s doing…

Hannibal has something planned for them he says, as he arranges four of our horses in a square, and ties ropes to them. Then, he brings over the leader and ties his arms and legs to the horses. Then, he makes the horses run forward, and, oh… no I just realized what he’s doing… I look away… RRRIIIPPPP! AUGHHHHHH! W goes over and helps close the wound so that our prisoner does not bleed to death. When, I look over, his arms are gone, and W is slitting his (the prisoner’s) throat, but not enough to kill him.

The only information we get out of him is that they came from the west. We decided to kill the other two since we didn’t need them. Then, we go to sleep.

During W’s watch, he wakes us all up. A giant mosquito is headed my way, and I have barely enough time to jump out of the way before it bites me. I shoot it twice, and it bites me again. I can feel strength flowing out of me. I shoot it again and kill it. W’s air elemental takes care of the other mosquitoes, but they damage the horses badly. We go back to sleep.

When we wake up, we finish cleaning and decide to go back to town to heal W’s eidolon. It’s a six-hour trip on our horses. We arrive there, and a priest offers to cure the eidolon for 150 gp. Luckily, Hannibal is a worshiper of Sarenrae like the priest, so we manage to bring the price to an acceptable 75 gp.

We have decided to stay the night in town, since that would be safer. We ask around in taverns if anyone knows about how to fix the head of Abadar, but we get no results. We sell all the gear our attackers had, except for the glowing morningstar which we have trouble identifying. We pay the priest (Lugar -GM) to tell us what it is. It is an enchanted morningstar that does extra damage to good creatures, which would cost a bit over 18,000 gold to buy. Unluckily, no one in this town has nearly enough gp to pay for it. Oh well.


While dreaming, I have an epiphany. No, more like a voice of some mystical, omnipotent being talking to me through an adventure. These adventurers encounter a statue with a message written under it, just like us. The message has told them to cast a spell. Then I realize what we had to do to get the statue to do something. I just hoped Hannibal would have the spell command. When we wake up, I ask him. He tells me that normally no, but he decides to today. Thank the gods. I know Abadar is smiling upon me.

We arrive at the shrine six hours later. Everyone stands back as Hannibal casts command. He yells: “I command you to stand up!” The statue does not move. But, the floor right in front of it fades away and is open. As reckless as we are, we climb down the ladder inside it. At the bottom, we find what looks like a library. There are three doors. They each have a message.

The first one says: “Passage comes with the blessings of Abadar.” The second one says: “Find peace in Abadar brother, and you may enter.” The final one says: “Devout prayer is the pathway to knowledge.” My best guess is that we have to cast a spell, like with the statue. I can’t seem to remember any spells that the messages mention. Oh well.

Here is where I must leave you. Also, if you have any information on how to get inside these doors, ask around for the adventurers that went to reclaim the shrines. People will know.

-Eagle One (Bruno)


Eagle One, vanaran zen-archer monk 4
Fabrizio Moretti, tiefling alchemist 3
Groominator the Great, goblin rogue 4
Hannibal the Cannibal, aasimar warpriest of Sarenrae 3
Isaax, catfolk arcanist 3
The WANDerer, half-elven summoner 3

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